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Duchess of Cornwall ‘knights’ grumpy farmer with a leek

Thousands of people are honoured every year by senior members of The Royal Family in order to recognise the contributions ordinary people make to British society. Today, the Duchess of Cornwall presided over her first investiture, knighting a farmer with a leek.

During an official visit to the South of England show, Camilla, who turns 70 next month, was forced to play along as Giles, an entertainer who takes on the persona of a farmer, presented the royal with a leek and proceeded to get down on one knee.

In her usual good-humoured manner, the Duchess took the vegetable and placed it on his shoulder in place of the sword used at official investitures.

Once the leek was lifted from his shoulder, Giles shouted: “Is that it, just on the one shoulder? Is it because you are not The Queen you can’t do two?”

The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English posted a full video of the incident which can be viewed by clicking here.

Farmer Giles is one of the most popular entertainers at the festival. The South of England show’s website describes Farmer Giles as man who can give advice: “on any subject from farming (about which he actually knows very little) to philosophy (about which he knows less) – but with advice this entertaining he always draws a crowd!”

This is the first time The Duchess of Cornwall has ever ‘knighted’ anybody. She has never performed an investiture to those who have received honours in The Queen’s birthday or New Year Honours list.

Currently, The Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal and the Duke of Cambridge are the only royals to present honours.

Also on her visit to the South of England Show, the Duchess got up close and personal with some of the animals including sheep, geese and lizards. Her Royal Highness also handled some large stick insects.

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