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Prince William sparks controversy as he admits he didn’t read all his briefing notes for the Canadian Royal Tour

The Duke of Cambridge admitted on Sunday that he had not read all of his briefing notes which were given to him ahead of his tour of Canada.

The briefing notes contain important information about the family’s visit to the North American country, including the itinerary and other arrangements.

Some critics have said that the fact William hasn’t read the briefing notes is both ’embarrassing, unprofessional and insulting’ to the Canadian people.

According to Daily Express correspondent Richard Palmer, The second-in-line to the throne joked about the incident during a visit to the Sheway Pregnancy Outreach Programme.

Royal Historian, author, and the publisher of Royal Musings, Marlene Eilers Koenig, says people are right to be critical.

She says: “Richard Palmer was right to report that the Duke of Cambridge admitted to not being fully prepared for today’s engagement. He admitted that he had not read all of the briefing notes, which may not have been the best thing to say during an official visit.

“A royal tour is not about fashion, but about working royals taking on a myriad of engagements. As with any job, it is important to make sure you have done your homework before the day’s work begins.”

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are currently undertaking a week long tour of British Columbia, where they are attending a variety of public and private engagements.

They arrived in the country on Saturday evening following an 11 hour flight.

The Duke, Duchess, and their children were welcomed on the tarmac by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie alongside other dignitaries.

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte offered smiles and waves to the media before being taken to Government House before their parents travelled to the British Columbia Legislature Building for a welcome ceremony.

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  • Michael

    First, there is no context as to the “quote”, of which there isn’t one of the D of C. Second, he could’ve just been trying to put someone at ease. It’s a very common tactic as a way of self identifying with your host. Third, he’s been doing this literally his entire adult life, I doubt his host(s) would know any different had he read all or none of his notes. He really is quite professional at this, I believe in part due to his mother’s influence and training. Yes, Mr. Palmer had a right to print the story, but it’s really a non-story.

    • simon mensah

      I would expect a professional to know better than to make a comment like that. Even as a joke. The statement displays a lack of interest and preparedness. Nothing amusing about that.

      • JSH

        Michael is right IMO. No big deal.

      • Ladyhawke

        I agree. I can’t imagine the Queen or Prince Charles making a similar “joke”. The future Monarch – LOL!!

  • Jane Harris Zsovan

    What controversy? I find this nowhere in the Canadian media. I have noticed several of the stories written about Canada (the Senior Realm) on this site are not quite accurate and seem to suggest the Crown is in trouble in Canada. It is not.

  • Reinaldo Martinez

    These “some critics” is a well known journalist device, a fabrication that is, to sell the article. If there is one single critic, let him/her speak out loud. This is no big deal. Prince William is trusting the people HRH will be around with. In a very Royal disposition he is well prepared to be briefed along and handle every issue. HRH IS a Prince fully familiar with such situations and should respond to no one in this matter, but to his Grandmother Royal Boss. Those who criticise him pretending that there are “some critics” better show proof that they have been far better in their edeavours on private or public affairs.

    • Vaughan Sinclair

      You know, like that guy south of the boarder says: “I’ve heard about it and I hope it’s not true, but Some people say sleeping in another hotel than the one with my name on it is bad luck. No, I heard, I heard it, thought it was just ‘Some critic.’ But I heard it..somewhere.

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