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Prince George is the prime example of “white privilege” according to a British Council employee

Prince George has been described as a prime example of “white privilege” by a member of the British Council.

The senior British Council executive, Angela Gibbins posted the comments about the then age two Prince George after an official photo marking Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday was released.

The British Council is a UK-based charity working to highlight British culture around the world, Gibbins is head of global estates for the charity.

Her comments were written under the newly released picture on Facebook saying: “White privilege. That cheeky grin is the innate knowledge he’s royal, rich, advantaged and will never know ANY difficulties or hardships in life. Let’s find photos of 3yo Syrian refugee children and see if they look alike, eh,”

Many people responded defending the young toddler to which Gibbins continued to defend herself.

“I’m sound in my socialist, atheist and republican opinions. I don’t believe the royal family have any place in a modern democracy, least of all when they live on public money. That’s privilege and it needs to end” she wrote.

The British Council is now investigating Gibbins and has urged that her comments are not the views of the charity.

A spokesperson for the British Council said: “This comment was made on a private social media account. It has absolutely no connection to the British Council and does not represent the views of the British Council. That said, we expect the highest standards of our staff and we will be investigating the matter further.”

Her Majesty The Queen is patron of the British Council which also holds a Royal Charter. Sponsored by the UK Foreign Office, educational opportunities and cultural relations are provided in over 100 countries.

Just last week, Prince George celebrated his 3rd birthday on 22 July. His parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released new pictures of the prince in celebration of his birthday. 

  • mrdavidjohnson

    What an ignorant person she is

    • bearzy123

      Ignorance is bliss !!

  • Suzan Smith

    Who does she think pays her, very large, salary?

  • a French Chef

    The woman is an idiot and a prime example of the defects of government. The young prince will spend a lifetime in the service of the Nation like her Majesty. They are an inspiration and I wish I could find employees with the same dedication – I will say that it is a common trait with business owners not employees.

  • The way she said it was pretty rude and meant to be inflammatory.
    Of course he’s the perfect example of privilage. He’s white, male (we currently assume), of the highest level of socieo-economic status, and of the major religion.
    Privilage is only bad when you don’t recognize it and use it for good. I get the feeling his parents will make him keenly aware.

  • Karen119

    The youngster cannot possibly be aware of the privileges which are available to him. And Ms Gibbins is totally unaware of whatever hardships or difficulties George may have to deal with later in life. Certainly she is entitled to her opinions but attacking a toddler, albeit in print, is pretty raw. I’m interpreting these remarks as signs and symptoms of the difficulties and hardships SHE has faced in her life and which she has still not resolved.

  • brijay

    what a horrible woman,why has she still got a job

  • Martha Clark

    Ms Gibbins is obviously bitter and angry. No, the poor Syrian refugees are definitely not anywhere near Prince George’s level of privilege–but the inequities of the world cannot be solved by abolishing the British monarchy, banning religion or making everyone turn over their assets and redistributing them. Then the entire world would have no faith or hope, insufficient resources, endless conflict, and nothing to which to aspire. Ms Gibbins would probably enjoy being an instrument in bringing about this state of global misery and hopelessness. She would then have plenty of company. To allude to an earlier commenter, no one knows what challenges any of us must endure in the future. But let’s hope we keep the faith and hope to overcome them as so many have done in the past.

  • Royal Bloodline Descent

    Interesting someone has referred to the subject of young Prince George as white privilege and some of his linage being privileged . This person should give their head a shake and ask themself if they would care to be a royal and take on duties from early life to the end serving their subjects. The answer I am sure would be No,. It appears only their mouth works but the brain seems to lack commen sense.

    That person refers to Children in Syria as the same age as prince George should have equal treatment but that is impossible as they would not need to work all their natural life as the British royals do for their people.

    Royal Bloodline Descent on facebook

  • Funk Q

    Is this woman some form of space cadet it is well known that the Crown is quite well off.
    I doubt if a 3 year old would really care if he was or not.

  • Tracey Grevatt

    Hardship !!! like what his father went through losing his mother at a young age. foolish woman. Having money and privilege doesn’t protect your heart. Being human means Feeling loss regardless of background.

  • Sally Ronaldson

    Stupid comment! He’s only 3 for goodness sake, AND his parents are bringing them up normally, with William and Harry as setting the bar for doing so much for charities and various organisations (like Dianna) he will be taught the same values

  • Revd Issac Pandian

    i felt what she said is right…he will never know the hardship…….spoilt brit will be he…

  • Dinyar Navroz

    Let us analyse “privilege”. If a person has no duty, that means that he has a privilege, i.e. he can do whatever he or she pleases because he or she has no duty to refrain from doing it, and no one has a right to prohibit him or her from doing so.

    A member of the Royal family is certainly privileged, however, as a Royal he or she has duties towards his or her country. The privilege is not without penalties. This privilege is earned while performing the duties towards the state. Thus it is an onerous privilege.

    Who else could be a better example of ‘dutifulness towards ones country’ than Her Majesty who has sincerely served her country for several decades & who has maintained the high dignity of her constitutional post through sheer hard work & sense of public duty?

    It is but very unfair when the Royals are judged as only the recipients of concessions & allowances.

    I do hope that a disciplinary action is taken against the ungrateful lady who has unnecessarily attracted this controversy.

  • Mr. Christian

    On the Nobility of Soul. In earlier times in Russia, England, and other countries, a patent of nobility was given, if one led an exemplary life of struggle for one’s nation or the Common Good. Even in the U.S.–although, for example, Gen. George Washington thrice refused a crown–thinking instead to be President, his post followed this principle.
    As a ruler today, the Queen took the Coronation Oath, eschewing the Divine Right of Kings, to “we trust,” be “under God.” This maybe an American view; but, I am trying to develop the unifying conception.
    Saint Augustine’s titles of Saint and Founding Father of Christianity were hard won. Upon leaving his job as a rhetorician to become a priest, he told a gathering of friends, that he welcomed “the prickings of God.” For him, as for the Apostles, love (Agape or Caritas) was a mixture of “tough love” with humility in one’s love and devotion for God and man. “The prickings” were God’s trials and tribulations, which one worked through, to become a better person.
    To “take up the armor of God (Phillipians 6) is not only to protect one’s own self; but, to protect the flock of the innocents. If Prince George is raised within the body of Christ from youth to perhaps one day taking the Coronation Oath, then he as Saint Paul, might refer to himself as “a bondservant of God.” Prince George, as others, will be repeatedly tested by God throughout his life; and, as by men.

  • Safwat

    Its just because see is greedy and jealous of other peoples wealth and good fortune……..people like her never actually think of anyone but themselves……

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