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Prince George becomes namesake of housing scheme

The Royal seal of approval has been given to a supported living scheme in Dorchester by The Prince of Wales and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – that seal of approval has also affirmed that the housing scheme will be named after Prince George.

The new housing scheme, which has been developed by East Boro Housing, provides a suitable home with support services for five adults with learning disabilities.  The scheme was developed to accommodate the recently decommissioned Douglas Jackman House which was previously run by Dorset County Council.

Prince George in New Zealand

Prince George in New Zealand

Prince George House, which is in Poundbury, is not the only supported living scheme in the vicinity. Another East Boro living scheme nearby is Cambridge Court, whilst they also run a similar facility at Digby Court in Edward Road, with this home housing eight tenants with learning difficulties.

Chief Executive of East Boro Housing, Kevin Hodder, had this to say about the new development, “We were delighted when we were informed that Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had agreed to our request to name the scheme, Prince George House. Being situated in Poundbury and developed so soon after the birth of Prince George, it was an obvious choice and we are both honoured and proud to have received their approval.”

Poundbury is an urban extension on the outskirts of Dorchester and is built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. The village was designed by The Prince of Wales to be a community that would carry his own ideals and ethics. Prince Charles is a strong believer in challenging the post-war trends in town planning that were too suburban in character, that is how Poundbury differs.

Mr Hodder continued, “Prince George House is an outstanding facility which will provide essential services to the community. East Boro has invested substantially in the project and we are delighted with the finished project, as we are with Cambridge Court and Digby Court.”

As well as the new housing schemes, East Boro has also taken on more than 60 specialist care and support workers, some of whom have transferred to the Wimborne based organisation from Dorset County Council.

Kevin Hodder concluded, “We have an outstanding team of experienced and highly qualified staff members and the familiarity and continuity offered by many to our residents has been a huge asset. Opening these two new schemes is great news for East Boro and great news for Dorchester and its community.”

So as our future King has only recently just turned one, it is inevitable that in the future he will have many more things named after him. What will Prince George give his name to next? That’s the million dollar question.

Photo Credit: Government House NZ/Woolfe/Crown

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