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French hotel turns down The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince Harry will be travelling to Somme at the end of June for a commemorative trip, however, they may nowhere to stay.

Olivier Walti, the hotel manager of Le Hôtel Marotte, in Amiens, said that in January the French Foreign Ministry were in contact with him about booking suites for the trio.

Yet despite the nearly six-month advance booking, the five-star hotel had to turn down the Royal Family as they were already fully booked, citing it as “unethical” to kick out customers.

It has been reported that they were looking at two nights in four separate suites, which could cost up to £350-a-night. Le Hôtel Marotte is the only five-star hotel located close to the battlefields.

Speaking to a local newspaper, the Courrier Picard, Walti said: “The Foreign Ministry has contacted us in January to see if we were able to accommodate the royal family on the occasion of the Somme commemorations.

“We had to decline the offer, it is impossible, we are already booked solid.

“We would not tell people who have booked with us for months and who have already paid for their stay, sorry, but the royal family is coming, we will have to cancel. It’s just unthinkable ethically.”

Along with Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry, dignitaries and family members of those who died in the 1916 battle will all be heading to Somme, 80 miles north of Paris on June 30 and July 1.

With time drawing closer, the royals are still having a tough time finding a place to stay according to local sources.

A spokesman from Kensington Palace commented on the matter, saying: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will attend commemorative events in France on 30 June and 1 July. This is an important commemoration and they are honoured to be taking part on behalf of The Queen and the Government.”

  • bearzy123

    Maybe the Royal Family can just build some accomodations.. Case closed..

    • Emily

      Yes, it wouldn’t be the first time bearzy.

  • lecat catherine

    Go To ault villa aultia ,Nice hôtel

  • Kurt Malcolm JnoLewis

    I think that canbe rather more of a bit dashing for some first come first save with my respect,is much respectful if (His Royal Prince Harry) find inner fearful soft Soul for the happily upfront bookings,Thanks Harry your so Richly bless.

  • Pat Gilliland

    Kudos to the hotel and I expect a royal planner or two has some questions to answer.


    If I worked in this hotel, I would diligently call the booked customers if any of them would generously give-way to the Royal family. No harm in trying, but most people in Europe love the family so I am confident somebody out there will be kind enough to give way. In return, offer some perks for that kind customer. You don’t have to make a grand announcement about turning down the royal family. Problem solved.

    • Ann

      I couldn’t agree more. Make the booked guests such a lovely offer that they would GLADLY give up their rooms!

      • Adriana Kanda

        Ummm… No most of Europe does not love the Royal family. We’re more indifferent. Also, why should customers have to be asked give up their booked rooms, just because the British royal family is coming? They (probably) didn’t make a grand announcement, they just answered press questions.

        Oh and one last thing, a fair amount of French people would be very happy to say they refused to give up their room for the British royal family.

        Source: I am French and we’ve looked down on the British (and kinda everyone) for a very long time

        • James Savoir

          A little bitter after the anniversaries of Waterloo and Agincourt by any chance?

        • IrishBen

          Perhaps you should be thanking the British, and their Commonwealth allies, that you are still speaking French….

        • John_Twiss

          If you dislike us so much, why do so many of your countrymen insist on coming to our country to work. Oh yes, I forgot, it is the nature of the French to be rude and ungrateful, particularly since we twice in the last century had to come and save your behinds from destruction. You are truly the most poisonous allies anyone could have.

          • Martin Odin

            James Savoir – a little bit bitter after the French took over your monarchy and originated every single posh word and etiquette rules in your country. Had you been educated and polite, you wouldn’t have written this comment but unfortunately you’re not, you’re not French.

            John Twist – If you dislike French so much, why do so many of you insist on coming to France to benefit from the health care system or on holidays . Oh yes, I forgot, it is in the nature of the English to feel superior and particular. BIt don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Brexit will show you that unfortunately you can’t really survive without the rest of Europe, including France. As for yout military, I’m prerry sure we could have done without you in the last century – in Iraq, WW1 and 2 when the Us had to come and save Europe’s behinds from destructio, including yours. I know it’s hard to say bit clearly the UK suffered a lot as well during the war, deapit the fact it’s an island on not on the continent like France is. You are truly the most poisonous neighboring country anyone could have.

            P.S: I don’t know if you remember what the USA are. They are former colonies of “countrymen who came to work” that revolted against the great almighty English empire, defeated it bu inflicting their greatest defeat in the battle of York, became independant, one of the most if not the powerful country in the world – and all of that because of the French helping them.
            So chill UK, your only 6th on the swag list – far behind your forder colony you treated like shit (not my words bit George Washington’s) and just behind France (5th). So honestly, I would definitely trust them went it comes to deciding who the next superpower should be

          • John_Twiss

            Martin ~(Rubbish)bin (2 can use names to insult you know) – I cannot imagine why any British person would want to come to France and pay enormous amounts of money for your not famously known health care system. As for being “saved! by the USA, you need to learn your facts a little bit better – the war was certainly shortened by their entry, but the end result would have been much the same. That said, it was Hitler’s foolish mistake of attacking Russia that ended the war far sooner than it would have done otherwise since he lost more than half his army in the Russian winter – rather like your late and unlamented emperor. As for your surviving the last war – do tell me how you would have done that and still been France with your nation firmly under the control of the NAZIs. Like most French men, including my family, you are both chauvinistic and delusional.

  • Marie Muir

    Get a motorhome. And park it securely of course, with all connections, water, light, gas etc They’re great.

  • Emily

    Ah! The real reason is because of Agincourt haha

  • ujpéterianusfodorgabor


  • 2star2

    Perhaps a local family would be more than happy to accommodate them.

  • Tony

    Welcome to the real world.. You’re hiness

  • Tony

    Welcome to the real world.. You’re hiness

  • merriberries

    Just get some of those tiny houses and stake them for the event then tow them away after.

  • Bernhard Franz

    camper can … you can pay 2 mio for de luxe version

  • It’s less than an hour’s flight.

  • Neil Hutchinson

    Singes Capitulards Fromagivores! 😉

  • If I lived in the area, they would be more than welcomed to stay at my home!!!!! They are family, as I am related to them by blood. So I would gladly, welcome them in my house!

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