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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip unaffected following shooting at Paris airport

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip to France is continuing as planned following the shooting at Orly Airport in Paris.

A man was shot dead at the airport on Saturday morning after trying to grab a gun from a soldier.

The airport is now on lockdown as authorities investigate whether this is a terrorist incident.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are meeting victims of Jihadi attacks today in Les Invalides, a complex of buildings in central Paris.

It is unknown whether walkabouts will still take place. However, plans for these are never released prior to them taking place.

Furthermore, the media are under strict instruction not to publish timings of when a member of The Royal Family will arrive or depart from a certain place due to security reasons.

Police are investigating whether the attack at Orly airport is investigated to an earlier shooting in the north of Paris where a police officer was shot and injured.

No-one else was hurt in the incident, and the attacker was carrying no explosives.

There was talk briefly last week whether the couple’s trip to France would be postponed after a series of incidents took place the day before they were scheduled to travel.

An IMF employee suffered burns on her arms and face when she opened a letter containing explosives. Her injuries are not life-threatening. Michel Cadot, Paris police chief said that the explosion was caused by a homemade device. He also told reporters that there have been recent telephone threats, but that it was not clear whether these were associated with the incident at the IMF’s offices or not.

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