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Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have today attended celebrations in Aldershot for St Patrick’s Day.

This morning, the Duchess of Cambridge presented the Irish Guards with shamrock; the Duchess also performed this engagement last year.

As Prince William, her husband, is Colonel of the Irish Guards, he plays an active role in the regiment and his wife did also today.

Shamrocks are traditionally presented to the officers of the Irish Guards on St Patrick’s Day. Other regiments of the footguards also maintain these traditions. For example, the Welsh Guards are presented with leeks on St David’s Day.

Further drama ensued today also when the Duchess of Cambridge got her heel stuck in grate whilst on the parade ground. Fortunately, William was on hand for her to regain her balance.

The Irish Guards paraded today in Home Service Dress (the red coats), unusual considering that the rest of the regiments of footguards are still parading in their winter Great Coats (the grey coats). The Irish Guards’ new mascot, Domhnall, made his first appearance also today after the retiring of Conmael last year.

According to Hello magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge is to attend an engagement on Thursday with Her Majesty The Queen for the anniversary of the Bakerloo underground line.

One guardsman reported talking to the Duchess of Cambridge about the impending royal baby, Kate saying, “I want a boy, William wants a girl”.

Photo Credit: The Mirror Newspaper

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