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Donald Trump’s State Visit to the UK cancelled indefinitely

President Donald Trump’s State Visit to the United Kingdom has been cancelled indefinitely at the request of The White House.

In a phone call to Theresa May, President Trump expressed that he does not want to visit the UK until the British perception of him has been improved.

According to a report in the Guardian, the President is fearful of large-scale protests and would rather visit when the population changes their opinion of the 70-year-old.

According to those present at Downing Street when the phone call was made, the Prime Minister was “surprised” that he wanted the visit to be postponed.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn reacted to the news, saying: “Cancellation of President Trump’s State Visit is welcome, especially after his attack on London’s mayor & withdrawal from Paris Climate Deal.”

Although a date had not been formally agreed, it was thought that Mr Trump and his wife, Melania, would visit the UK sometime in Autumn 2017.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, confirmed at a press conference just a few days after his inauguration that President Trump would be travelling to the country at some point on 2017.

However, more than a million people signed a petition urging the Prime Minister to rescind the invitation.

The President is also said to be extremely reluctant to meet Prince Charles because of the pair’s differing views on climate change.

The President, who has previously said that climate change is a myth invented by the Chinese, does not want to take a lecture from The Prince of Wales who is a climate change campaigner, according to The Sunday Times.

Members of Trump’s administrative team instead want The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry to meet the President when he visits the UK later this year.

Speaking to The Times, a source has said: “Trump’s people are worried about an awkward moment, with Prince Charles saying ‘Why don’t you believe in climate change?’

“They do not want the President put in an awkward position where he’s being lectured. They want horses down the Mall, tea with William & Kate.

They want all that pomp and for it to go seamlessly, and one of the risk factors is Charles.”

Whether President Trump visits the UK or not on a State Visit now depends on two things. Firstly, that public opinion in Britain will shift in favour of Mr Trump. Also, it depends on who will be Prime Minister at the time of the planned visit.

  • disgruntled_mainer

    Perfect! He can stay home and embarrass us here. Maybe Prince Charles can come over here and lecture him instead? The big orange buffoon needs a good telling off.

  • Logic Johnson

    Lock him out! Lock him out! Lock him out!

  • LANcashire lass

    It would be exceptional bad mannered of Prince Charles to lecture Donald Trump if he was on a state visit. Personally I don’t find him to be a fat orange buffoon either.

    • DrCaligari

      Trump is just a commoner. He’ll take what’s given.

    • Terry Schop

      What world do you live in?

    • Trent Lanthier

      Honestly I think Charles is too well mannered to lecure the president on Climate change, the Orange monkey should be lectured on many things, he’s a complete embarassment that 1/2 the population is blind to the changes he’s making.

      But the Royal Family is pretty reserved about that stuff (Minus Prince Philip), the Brits as a whole though would have a hayday with him.

    • Robert Morley

      I couldn’t agree more. Clearly, Prince Charles isn’t a fat orange buffoon.

  • Rod

    Prince Charles saying ‘Why don’t you believe in climate change?’

    President Trump replying, “Why do you believe in taking ridiculous amounts of money from commoners?”

    • What fresh hell is this?

      That wouldn’t be fair. Trump also believes in taking ridiculous amounts of money from commoners. For example, taxpayers, his contractors, investors in his failed businesses, the poor sods who bought into Trump University . . .

      • Rod

        Two beliefs don’t make either right.

        • What fresh hell is this?

          Just saying Trump can’t be throwing stones at Prince Charles for living off of other people’s money.

          • Rod

            Certainly he can. I am no fan of Trump’ demeanor and conduct. I do not believe in muck – raking based upon political bias. It tires me to read the vitriolic comments and foul language which only interferes with reasonable and logical dialogue. Certainly Brits have cast many insults to Trump which can be characterized as none of their concern. I will say one of the reasons I read the Guardian is that one finds most dialogue reasonable as compared to the idiotic ravings one finds in the Washington Post for example.

          • What fresh hell is this?

            It has nothing to do with political bias. These are all shady business practices Trump was engaged in before he got into politics. He was a two-bit grifter and shady operator long before he ran for president.

            And I’m an American, not British.

          • CherMoe

            Trump hurtles his fair share of idiotic, vile comments at people all over the world. The truth hurts.

          • Rod

            Whataboutery. Exactly. Copying Trump’s modus operandi is not a wise choice.

      • CherMoe

        The Trump family also has no problem with charity scams and stealing money that was donated for children with cancer … and funneling it into their own pockets & corporations.

        • What fresh hell is this?

          They’re grifters, shady and sleazy businesspeople (I’m including Ivanka), and low class.

          I’ve known people who literally lived in trailer parks with more class, compassion, and generosity than the Trumps.

    • Debbie Valenta

      Of course our Orange Buffoon would ask such a stupid question.

      • Rod

        Well, Debbie, If I may infer from your reply that you have the answer, please be so good as to post it here, as there may be millions of British citizens asking the same question.

    • sf

      I will leave issues of Prince Charles’s cost to citizens of the UK to those citizens. The Prince is on the correct side when it comes to climate change and is one of a small number of people who can lecture Trump. What the citizens of the UK feel about paying for the Monarchy is a matter for the UK alone. Ignoring climate change while touting such fictions as “Clean Coal” is a matter for the whole world. I can even deal with it when Kim Jong Un lectures our ignorant leader on climate change and the Paris Accord, even if I don’t like anything else about how North Korea behaves.

      • Rod

        The “correct side” is a matter of opinion – right or wrong. In full response see my comment above as to my opinion re logical dialogue.

    • Hereward the Wake

      Oh dear, Rod, you really need to read your British History, particularly the origins of the Crown Estates & the source of the income of the Royal Family. The British Royal Family cost each and every British taxpayer precisely 62p per annum. That’s just 3p less than it costs to post a letter!

      • Rod

        You know as well as I there are many ways to count the cost to maintain the Royal Household. There is the pence version and the pound version,the Queen’s version and the actual cost.

        My knowledge of British history, as regards that cost, is surely as equal to that of the average Brit,inasmuch as they incessantly gripe about it.

        It makes little difference really, in this context, as the maintenance of the Crown was merely an aside to an imaginary conversation between
        the Queen and the US President.

  • Mr Steve

    I’m pleased that the Queen will not be placed in the awkward position of being host to him. What a relief for her majesty. Opinion will never change of the bigoted orange anus. Why would Britain change their opinion of him? Americans are still in shock on how France can get it so right and Americans messed up royally. He’s Americs cross to bare until impeachment.

    • Civila191

      If you take away the insults, plonkers like “Mr Steve” have nothing, totally nothing.

      • Bob

        What more do you need?

      • Nelly

        These “insults ” are quite common over here , when referring to Trumpelstiltskin. Mr Steve is not a plonker, definitely not. T. lost the national vote by almost 3 million votes, it was the damn old fashioned Electoral College that swept that atrocity into the White House. If you had daily, multiple doses of the idiocy that comes from Thing in the White House , you’d understand.

        • AnnMarie

          Better than the idiocy from Clinton and her idiot bunch and criminal cartel. #trumpforpresident

          • Terry Schop

            Guess we’ll never know, now will we?

    • One American

      I would kindly ask that you remove the “s” from “Americans” because there were billions of us who did not vote for this thing calling himself President. We the people want nothing more than for this treasonous embarrassment to be impeached along with his cabinet of substandard idiots. If I could have it my way, today, that cross would be dismantled and burned to ashes.

      • Abundantz

        Ummm, the U.S. population is about 1/3 of one billion, so it is impossible “billions” voted for anyone…, and only 62.75 voted for Hillary (that’s without the estimated 800,000 non-citizen votes she stole, and that doesn’t reduce the number by the number of dead people that “voted for her.”

        • CherMoe

          You have no proof that there were illegal votes for Hillary. We are acquiring proof, however, that Trump, the Republicans and Russia DID hack the election in his favor. Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 4 Million more votes. YOU are guilty of putting a criminal nutcase in office. It’s also been proved that the majority of ANY type of “illegal” voting that took place was actually done BY REPUBLICANS and encouraged by Trump …. and even done by some members of his administration, it was reported.

          • AnnMarie

            You must have been knocked over the head with a hammer to have that outlook which is the exact opposite of right thinking. Is Clinton and her group paying you to be ignorant?? Have you seen your psychiatrist lately or your group think assistant?? #trumpforpresident

          • John Bacon

            hows that trump care workin out for ya? hows that wall coming?

          • Alice Lindsley

            Now Cher don’t present them with facts, their tinfoil helmets will explode.

        • Neither Country

          It’s a plural, move on with your life.

        • DrCaligari

          Oh FFS, not this again…

        • Debbie C.

          Right on, I agree, Abundantz. #trumpforpresident Go Trump Go. 🙂

          • Hereward the Wake

            So right in your exhortation, “Go Trump Go”! But will he go? It seems that, given the choice, he is determined to stay. However, not sure how long he will be given the choice!

          • mia

            never mind

        • Terry Schop

          I agree with the billions comment, BUT, “We the People” are exactly that. You are in the minority. You got fewer votes and the bozo is still in office.

        • Alice Lindsley

          The MAJORITY of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. She won the popular vote by millions.

        • John Bacon

          and you are watching fake news if you think that over 800,000 people illegally voted. You truly stupid and deserve the piece of shit you elected

      • CherMoe

        I absolutely agree, and really resent being lumped in with the IDIOT REDNECKS who helped Russia put him in the White House. I sure as heck wouldn’t vote for him, even if threatened with my life.

        • Jakki Wetherall

          Still peddling the Russian ‘link’! LOL!

          • Alice Lindsley

            Yes because it’s not going to go away.

    • Debbie

      How ignorant you are. The Queen would probably love to meet the new President of the United States and get to know him and his family. It’s not nice to put words in someone else’s mouth and have the audacity to even say you know what they are thinking. #trumpforpresident

      • Hereward the Wake

        Actually, Debbie, the Queen does not make a habit of welcoming the children of Klu Klux Klan members, nor grandsons of a seedy brothel keeper. She has her standards!

  • Portia Hardesty

    Prezzie does not get to decide who greets him when he visits another country. And don’t tell us he’s just new to the presidency, Mr. Ryan. All presidents are “new” to being president when first elected but they figure it out. If trump can’t figure the presidency out, he should resign rather than to continue to embarrass himself and us!

  • AdlaiStevenson

    The coward heard about the “Show your rump to Trump” protest. Thousands of Brits mooning our national embarrassment, would have been priceless.

    • MO4U

      And IF anyone were in the right mindset to show their rump it would be Brits, I loved one dearly years ago and he and his mates would have done it in a heartbeat, they’re hilariously crazy. LOL

      • AdlaiStevenson

        The basic moon would be only the beginning then the Brits would get creative in their daffy way. I’m starting to be disappointed that he isn’t coming because his visit could be real fun. In fact, i’m chuckling just thinking about it. Cheers.

    • AnnMarie

      How ignorant can some people be?? Who do you think you are?? #trumpforpresident

      • Thisguysucks

        Find a new hashtag, that embarrassment is already considered our president, although I think at this point the actual orange (fruit variety) would be more welcome and do a better job. #americascreweduproyally

        • Alice Lindsley

          With Puntin’s help!

      • Alice Lindsley

        Ann Marine who do you think you are? A majority of Americans would like to moon the Orange embarrassment. Lighten up!

        • Hereward the Wake

          Then why don’t they?

          • Alice Lindsley

            Because the idiot isn’t worth the time it would take to bother!

      • Tepin Getuadisorn

        You don’t know who Adlai Stevenson is? You’re as clueless as your so-called president.

    • Steve Wilde

      yeah thats what it is, has nothing to do with british propaganda bullshit telling the people how the US owes the world something . When you all put up as much money as the US then you can open your stupid ass mouths

  • Skabetti Spaghetti

    Oh, no! Now he doesn’t get his ride in the gilded carriage!

  • disqus_67RhXZaxBF

    Remember when he wanted to ride ine Queen’s carriage like it was some sort of Monster Truck? He has a lot of balls demanding honors he has no right to or kindness anyone wants to show him…why doesn’t he just go live with the Saudis…they seem to love his willingness to supply their terrorist with more ammunition…

  • gypsymothIam

    A childlike behavior

  • Brenda O’Connell

    Can you imagine Prince Philip talking to Trump. ?Now that I would to hear. They will be kept apart. Trump is an ass and scared to go over to the UK. Hates to be disliked. I say let him go and be shamed by the Brits.

    • David Bruce Craig MV

      not as big an ass as you are

      • Terry Schop

        Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • amanuenensi

    He does not want to visit the UK until the British perception of him has improved?
    Not gunna happen. We will forget about him after a few years….

    • CherMoe

      The majority of Americans don’t want him here either. His perception here, even among his cult-like supporters has dwindled. First one in history to have only a 34% approval rating, LMAO. Especially so early on.


        Your wrong Trump is a fairly new Christian..I know he came to my church in Las Vegas..his past is forgiven him….Judge Not my Friend…..
        God is surrounding him with his children…mike pence….ben carson and so many more.
        He stands against all the evil that bama the muslim plant stood for…abortion and selling body parts, sodomy same sex marriages, getting rid of isis which obama created and stopping with the billions of dollars that bama was giving Islam which is truly our enemy.

        • Frank B.

          No wonder your name is kid– All of your posts, look like a 12 year lad wrote them!

  • amanuenensi

    50 million of the risk factors are the British. He will be ridiculed…..

  • Robert Bois le Duc

    Sorry Trumpty Dumpty, billions of people can see right through you. Europe survived Hitler & can recognize the danger of Fascism pretty damn fast…….

    • lars

      …the emperor has no clothes…

    • Ward Brookfield

      Europe defied Hitler thanks to the U.S.

      • Robert Bois le Duc

        Yeah, & thanks to the Russians, the British, the Free Polish Army, Air Force, & Navy, the Free French Armed Forces, the Greek Armed Forces, various Resistance Groups in various countries, Brazil’s Armed Forces, and other Free Armies from Nazi overrun countries, who made it to England & fought as part of the greater British Armed Forces. It wasn’t just my uncles in the US Military & the Canadian Military

  • Gentle Warrier

    what is wrong with all you people? did you like Hillary better who supports ISIS? Comey who has lied and lied to protect HRC and the people she murdered.
    If you open your eyes and close your mouth you will see Trump is smart and is doing a fantastic job. stop reading the MSM (main stream media) with their lies and fake news. you are all being childish and immature He is the President of United States – if you don’t think he is your president then leave

    • Nelly

      Typical. “If you don’t like it, leave “.You must have voted for him…shame on you ! Take the blinders off and see reality.
      Hillary did not and never supported ISIS, OMG. Trump , on the other hand, LOVES the Saudis who were responsible for 9/11 , unless of course, you think that Mainstream Media made that up.

    • Terry Schop

      I would trust Comey a hell of a lot further than Trump. When Comey admitted to leaking the material that pretty well guaranteed his honesty. Trump on the other hand tells multiple lies and doesn’t think about it twice. And the fact that you think he is doing a fantastic job just proves how totally brainwashed you are. Trump can be your president, but I seriously doubt he will be your president by this time next year.

      • Gentle Warrier


    • SuperJayne

      Might be time to turn off commentary at RoyalCentral when comments degrade to downright lies and accusations of murder toward politicians and career civil servants.

      I’m sure if a government is formed things will settle down by the autumn. Queen Elizabeth II will be in Scotland Sept-Oct as usual and may meet Trump privately at Balmoral or at Holyrood House. And the Scots will loudly protest.

      Trump will go golf at his self-named gold course, and Prince Andrew will find reasons not to golf with him, for fear of the press reviving all the stories of their mutual friend, Jeffrey Epstein (which it will anyway).

    • Robert Bois le Duc

      Ha ha ha ha, best laugh I’d had all day. Check Trump’s birth certificate, I think that he’s a Kenyan born Muslim. Quick, check it, & check his taxes too.

      • Gentle Warrier

        you are the one Robert that needs to check berth certificates. it was Obama who was kenyan born and muslim not trump. get real

        • Robert Bois le Duc

          No, those “Kenyan” birth certificates that you Nazis kept posting were fake. They all read “Kenya”, but there was no Kenya the year Obama was born in Hawaii, it was called British East Africa & EVERY birth certificate would have read so. Plus, my statement was satire, but it sure triggered your right wing mental illness. Trump’s father was in the KKK, what does that make him ?

  • Zoe2010

    what’s disgusting in reading so many of these comments is the lack of belief in innocence until guilt is proven… the msm/press and dems have fooled so many w/their “look a squirrel” technique… for years they have covered for a very corrupt gov’t and we’re seeing the results of it in what comey was trying to do by leaking memos to push for an independent prosecutor rather than following the chain of command – if there was a problem why didn’t he tell lynch – so instead he waited to try to set a trap for our current President… btw, he was director of FBI, but lynch evidently made him the director of FB(Matters)…

  • lars

    If King Marmalade wants his public image to improve before he visits Great Britain, the English have nothing to fear…he will never visit.

  • Peter Mintun

    Another factor is, of course, whether he will still be president in the autumn.

  • M Alexander

    I think the headlines are premature & misleading – the Government has not made this announcement, all they have commented was that there was a telephone call in where is has been reported that the US president was alleged to have said he did not want to visit the UK under the present circumstances of the British public having a negative opinion of him – not that he would cancel his visit. Inaccurate headlines like this contribute to “fake news”

  • Christine Elsbury

    Actually that would have been a great thing to see Charles go after Trump on the Climate difference. Charles would put him in his place 1 way or another

    • Elizabeth Spencer

      Hilarious isn’t it that he daren’t meet Charles because he might be given a lecture. I pity America if they tragically were involved in another war, where or what would ‘The Trump’ run to. What a baffoon and an embarrassment. Thank the Lord he’s not coming to England.

  • RobTresun

    I really don’t blame him at all for canceling the trip at this time. Another reason, which is not being mentioned in this post, that DT might NOT want to go “across the pond” at this time is this. Common sense is most likely telling him that we would just be wasting millions of tax payer dollars on such a trip right now. Chances are, the entire trip would end up being one giant negative. Because we’ve already seen & heard how Great Britain’s Prime Minister feels about our President, along with London’s Muslim loving Mayor, & several other Government Officials. I will always appreciate any President who shows concern with wasting my tax dollars when there’s not likely to be a positive ending to such a trip.

    • Melissa

      Um, trump has been away from the White House almost every weekend. He doesn’t care one bit about wasting tax payer dollars. He’s a 70 year old toddler who whined that his last trip made him tired. He is selfish and petty and will never change.

      • Terry Schop

        Truly amazing somebody can actually say what Rob Tresun said and actually believe it.

  • Jay

    You really think he cares what the outdated Occult following Royal Family has to say?

  • Little Brown House Herbary

    “Awkward?” The queen can legally off him once he steps foot on English soil. Cowardly little weenie.

  • Gareth Farmer

    the only decent decision trump has made stay away, we dont want you here

  • AnnMarie

    I agree with him, it could be quite dangerous over there for him and his family. No sense taking chances. #trumpforpresident

  • Misleading headline. Clearly it’s postponed, not “cancelled” if it’s still going ahead next year.

  • Peter Brancato

    If something is in fact cancelled, that cancellation is permanent. It is not indefinite. Indefinitely implies the possibility of rescheduling at an unknown point in time. That is contrary to the meaning of cancel.

  • Sam Helfrich

    He should just stay in America. It’s the only place some folks seem to appreciate him, but there’s no explaining taste. 😉

  • Franziska Fischer

    What an completely odious man he is. Zero redeeming qualities. Not to mention he is a bonafide moron who won’t go ANYWHERE where he is not idolized or pandered to.

  • Dori Sahagian

    I can only speak for myself. However, THIS ‘Yank from across the pond’ is personally mortified and appalled that #45 is President. Please believe, me…the Majority of us didn’t vote for him and we want him Impeached. God Save the Queen!

  • Dawn Vickerstaff

    I am glad not to see the back, front, side, bottom or top of him.

  • June

    What is the source for this article? From what I understand, this is simply not true. Her Majesty extended an invitation to the President, and a date is to be determined. To refer to a “cancellation” is simply inaccurate. Please, Royal Central, do not get into the business of misleading headlines and inaccurate stories.

  • midnight

    Not going to happen.

  • Carl Beigle

    Yeah…if he did go, the Brits promised NOT……to coddle him. This trip would be walking into a buzz-saw.

  • Frankie

    Bahahahahahaaaa you’re all just pissed off because he turned your Queen DOWN.
    Get a life, between America and the UK, neither of you is any damned good!

  • Margo Prescott-Morris

    Trump does not have the intellect to go one on one with Prince Charles.

  • Sparky England

    Save Americans $$$ (someone has to) & keep him there. UK has enough going on without having to cope with 45!

  • Elizabeth Spencer

    I take it you won’t be coming to Britain with your family for a holiday then. GOOD !

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