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Preview of the final episode of ‘The White Queen’

The White QueenSo here it is – the concluding episode in The White Queen series. As viewers, we have certainly witnessed a lot!  We have seen plenty of marriages, births, coronations, battles, plots and several beheadings. And in this final episode, the producers were hardly going to deprive us of these elements which have made the series what it is.

The episode will illustrate the events leading up to one of the most decisive battles on British soil. Queen Anne’s health is fading fast, and news comes that her son is in a similar state. Richard loses not just his heir, but the one safety net surrounding his fragile crown. This news pushes Henry Tudor into preparing for war; this is his one opportunity to take the throne. Margaret is thrilled with this chance for Henry to take centre stage – all of her hard work could finally take shape with this battle.

Finally, Elizabeth and her daughters are able to leave the sanctuary of Westminster Abbey. Princess Elizabeth goes to court and makes an impression amongst the male courtiers, especially her uncle Richard. It has been an on-going argument between historians of late about whether Richard planned to marry his niece, or whether there was any attraction between the two at all. However, this episode’s portrayal of their relationship will certainly influence the public to debate their own opinions on the matter.

The White QueenPrincess Elizabeth is aware that battle is on the horizon and that she must marry the victor, but who does she truly want to marry? One thing is for sure, the Woodville line will continue on the throne through Princess Elizabeth’s new position as Queen consort.

Henry Tudor makes his way to Wales and gathers support. Richard sees the severity of the situation and looks to men who will fight for his cause. They meet at Bosworth; they may be fighting for the same goal, but only one can be victorious.

The final episode will be broadcasted on Sunday 18th August at 9pm on BBC One.

Photo credits: BBC/Company Pictures & ALL3MEDIA/Giles Keyte/Ed Miller

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