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45 monarchs to be documented in new series by Penguin publishing

large_3472368670Penguin publishing have released the first set of new books in their series ‘Monarchs’.

This series will see 45 new scholarly titles published over the next four to five years based on all of the 45 English and British monarchs who have reigned on our shores, from Athelstan to our current Queen.

Yesterday marked the start of the series when the first five books were released to the public. The lucky first five monarchs include Henry VIII, George VI, Edward VI, Charles I and George V.

With the publishing market releasing new works on our monarchs on what seems to be a regular basis, it is interesting to see that such as series has been created. It seems that a majority of the books in the series will be around 150 pages long, therefore making them a perfect quick read for those who wish to read up on our past monarchs without being bombarded with too many facts and figures.

Commenting on the series, Stuart Proffitt, Editor at Penguin, remarked: “I think there’s an enormous appetite for well-presented history books. It’s one of the main areas in which we publish.”

He continued: “We felt that it was a good time to take a big overview of the English and British monarchy. It hasn’t been done properly for a very long time. The last such series was more than 40 years ago.”

It must be noted that Penguin has certainly been able to get some prominent historians on board for the writing of the series. Those who love Tudor history will be pleased to see that renowned scholar John Guy is the writer of the Henry VIII edition, whilst Stephen Alford takes a look at ‘the last boy King’ with Edward VI.

More modern history fans may be interested to know that Philip Ziegler has taken on the task of writing about our current Queen’s father, George VI, whilst one can expect a good read from David Cannadine and his work on George V.

Mark Kishlansky has already gained a good reception for his account of the tempestuous reign of Charles I, which is unsurprisingly so as summing up Charles’ reign in just 144 pages must have been a challenge.

The first five books in the series are available to buy online and in store.

Links to each book can be found below:

George VI: The Dutiful King

Henry VIII: The Quest For Fame

Edward VI: The Last Boy King

George V: The Unexpected King

Charles I: An Abbreviated Life


Photo credit: Lisby via photopin cc

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