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Queen Rania visits Al Fayha’ Village in Madaba to announce support for 100 families

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan visited Al Fayha’ Village in Madaba yesterday where she announced financial support for 100 local families.

The families will be given money to assist them in creating income-generating projects of their own. Sunday saw her visit Al Fayha’ Secondary School for Girls and the Madaba Women’s Charity Association.

While at the all-girls school, Queen Rania visited a second-grade classroom alongside the school’s principal, Khitam Kosha. She saw the students during one of their lessons and later spoke to several of the teachers and staff in the teachers’ room.

After her stop at the Al Fayha’ Secondary School for Girls, Her Majesty travelled to the Madaba Women’s Charity Association – an association established in 2011 with “the aim of helping underprivileged families, orphans, women, and community members with disabilities,” according to the Office of Her Majesty.

Her Majesty at the all-girls school in the village. Copyright © 2018, The Royal Hashemite Court

She was welcomed by its President, Fadiyyeh Ma’aya. The Queen then attended a meeting with board members and beneficiaries of the organisation. She was given information regarding the recent achievements and future plans of the charity.

Queen Rania told those in attendance that she intends to support “the association to help expand its current project base and include the beneficiaries already on its waiting list” while also lauding the organisation’s women’s projects and their self-made success.

Additionally, Her Majesty viewed the association’s bazaar displaying handcrafts and products. She also stopped in on a women’s training workshop that was instructing about small project management.

On Instagram, Her Majesty said after the trip, “Enjoyed a heartfelt conversation with the incredible women of Al Fayha’ village in Madaba today. Thank you all for your warm welcome!”

Al Fayha’ Village is in Madaba, Jordan, and home to close to 2,800 people. According to Her Majesty’s Office, the village struggles to find sufficient empowerment programmes; it only has one healthcare centre and two schools in the area.

The Madaba Women’s Charity Association has services which include grants for women run, income-generating projects and awareness sessions. The grant programme supports 45 women and has many more awaiting funding grants.

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