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Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar celebrate St Lucia Day

Princess Estelle, 6, and her younger brother, Prince Oscar, 2, celebrated St Lucia Day yesterday, and their proud mother, Crown Princess Victoria got behind the camera to document the day.

The Royal Court of Sweden later released two images, taken by Victoria, of Estelle and Oscar at their home of Haga Palace dressed in festive wear for the feast day. Estelle is wearing traditional the Lucia crown with candles while holding a basket of treats, and Prince Oscar is holding a large golden star. Estelle is dressed as St Lucia with the red sash and crown of candles on top of her head.

HRH Princess Estelle and HRH Prince Oscar at Haga Palace. Photo: HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Royal Court, Sweden

The new images also revealed Princess Estelle had lost a tooth, and little Prince Oscar is seen smiling – a rare sight for the adorable two-year-old.

The two photos were also shared on the Royal Court’s social media with the Court saying on Instagram, “A little Lucia was seen at Haga this morning.”

Photo: HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Royal Court, Sweden

St Lucia Day was also celebrated at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, and the Royal Court released a video on Instagram of the celebrations there, as well.

St Lucia refers to the Christian feast day for Saint Lucy, which occurs every year on 13 December during the Advent season. The day is observed by Catholics and Lutherans. The Swedish Royal Family are members of the Church of Sweden, which is part of the Lutheran denomination.

Saint Lucy (or Lucia) was a 3rd-century martyr who was under the Great Persecution in the Roman Empire. Legend has it that Lucy brought food and aid to the Christians hiding in catacombs. She Saint Lucy’s Day is predominantly celebrated in the Scandinavian countries.

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