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Prince Carl Philip visits Värmland

Prince Carl Philip visited his duchy, Värmland in the west of Sweden, on Thursday.

The day began at the Kummelöns Nature Reserve, which has “enclosed pasture land now filled with oak trees which are several hundreds of years old,” according to the Värmland tourism website.

The reserve also has lime trees and plants that are not native to the area. While there, Prince Carl Philip met with workers who carry out the ecological jobs in the reserve as part of the Naturnära Project.

Next, Prince Carl Philip opened the Wild Park in Väse. According to the Park’s official website, it includes “a ski park, mountain bike lanes, parkour and a low altitude course” that allows people to take part in “spontaneous sport” in the middle of the forest.

To mark his visit, a stone was unveiled in front of the gathered crowd, and Prince Carl Philip was given a demonstration in skating, low altitude and mountain biking.

Afterwards, Prince Carl Philip travelled to Karlstad to visit Valmet, a production company.

Valmet is a tissue machine manufacturer and is the “leading global developer and supplier of technology, automation and service in the pulp, paper and energy industries,” per its official website.

Prince Carl Philip toured the facilities and was shown what the company was working on. He then presented the Valmet Tissue Technology Award, which is “granted every second year where the most promising innovations for sustainable tissue production will be rewarded,” to Björn Sjöstrand, a PhD student at Karlstad University. The award prize is USD 25,000.

That evening, Prince Carl Philip attended a dinner at the governor’s house at their home in Karlstad. He dined with entrepreneurs and business owners to discuss “business and good business activities for the county”, which was the theme of the dinner.

Prince Carl Philip posted about his day in Värmland on his and his wife, Princess Sofia’s new Instagram account: “A nice day in the Duchy of Värmland!”

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