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Crown Princess Victoria takes hike through Dalsland

Crown Princess Victoria continued her series of hikes through the Swedish landscape yesterday in Dalsland. This was her thirteenth walk in Sweden, and the next walk will take place on 12 September in Uppland.

The walk began at the Svankila Nature Reserve and continued through the Dalmatian Pilgrim Trail along the Spången and East Bohemian Lakes before ending at Upperud to take a canoe ride to Håverud.

The Crown Princess and other hikers being welcomed to Dalsland. Photo: Raphael Stecksén /

She was greeted upon arrival at Svankila Nature Reserve by Västra Götaland County’s Governor, Anders Danielsson and the CEO of Dalslands Tourist AB, Johan Abenius. Crown Princess Victoria quoted Prince Eugen at the welcome who once called the area “a Sweden in miniature.”

While walking on the Dalmatian Pilgrim Trail, Her Royal Highness learned about historical events on the Swedish-Norwegian border and the wildlife on the reserve. She then had lunch with students from various institutions around the area.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén /

After lunch, the future monarch visited the “Vattenvägen” exhibit at the Dalsland Art Museum. The Royal Court explained that the exhibition is “displayed in connection with the celebration of Dalsland’s 150th anniversary and contains photographs of Herman Ahlin, portraits of the sluice guard, boat builder and artist Elis Svensson, as well as naval painting and boat models from the Gothenburg Maritime Museum’s collections.”

She then took a canoe ride from Upperud to Håverud. Crown Princess Victoria then participated in the anniversary celebration and presented the 2018 Industrial Industry of the Year Award. Dalslands Kanal AB won for their “worthwhile efforts to preserve and develop Sweden’s industrial heritage.” She also unveiled a plaque with her signature for the 150th anniversary just as King Carl XV had done with his signature plaque in 1868.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén /

The Crown Princess has already hiked through her duchy of Västergötland (alongside husband, Prince Daniel); Västerbotten; her daughter, Princess Estelle’s duchy of Östergötland; her brother, Prince Carl Philip’s duchy of Värmland; her niece, Princess Adrienne’s duchy of Blekinge; Narrow; Lappland; her niece, Princess Leonore’s duchy of Gotland; Öland; Bohuslän; Småland; and her son, Prince Oscar’s duchy of Skåne.

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