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Crown Princess Victoria has not been seen in 60 days – where is she?

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has had no official engagements in more than 60 days. Today, the Swedish Royal Court revealed the reason why the Crown Princess has been absent from work. Swedish media have in the recent weeks speculated why it has been so long without having seen the Crown Princess. The last time the Crown Princess appeared in public was on 20 December last year, when the Crown Princess participated at a gathering at the Swedish Academy. Today, this is exactly 60 days ago.

In the Swedish Court’s official calendar, the Crown Princess has listed no public engagements before mid-March. This applies not only to the Crown Princess but also to her husband, Prince Daniel. Prince Daniel helped to award prizes at the Swedish Sports Gala on 16 January, and he had some meetings on 17 and 18 January. The Prince also has no official engagements until mid-March.

The Crown Princess Family of Sweden: Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Photo: Ahlström/Royal Court, Sweden

Swedish media have speculated if the Crown Princess is abroad. This rumour came forward when neither the Crown Princess or Prince Daniel attended the birthday celebrations of the Crown Princess’s aunt, Princess Birgitta, in January. There has also been almost no activity in the Crown Princess’s home, Haga Palace, in the recent weeks. Today, the Swedish Royal Court made a statement to the press.

The Swedish Court informed the press today that the Crown Princess is currently on a private holiday abroad. The Crown Princess will be on vacation throughout the month of February to spend quality time with her children. The Crown Princess wishes, according to the Court, to spend time with her children while they are still young and do not attend school. The vacation has been planned for a long time, but as it is not an official trip, it had not been announced to the press.

  • germany jones

    Must be nice….

  • Linda Rogers

    Everyone deserves a vacation.

  • Kathleen Ames

    That’s ok then.

  • KCallahan

    She does work hard doesn’t she though? She certainly seems to have many more engagements than Prince William’s wife, Catherine. Prince Daniel seems to have more engagements than Prince William of Great Britain. Both couples have two children.

    • Gretchen K.

      That really isn’t a fair comparison. You would need to compare Prince Daniel’s engagements to Duchess Catherine’s and compare CP Victoria’s to Prince William’s engagements based on their position in the monarchy. The other difference is that people were concerned that CP Victoria hadn’t had any engagements for 60 days – that is rare for her – unlike Prince William who has started to transition to full time royal. Yes, both couples have young children but they also have nannies and other help. There is also a major difference in the children’s lifetyle. The Swedish monarchy has a much more open approach to raising children with a better balance of being in the public and and having a childhood.

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