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Today marks 60 years since King Haakon VII died and Olav V became King of Norway

Today, 21 September, there are two jubilees in Norwegian royal history. It is precisely sixty years since His Majesty King Haakon VII died and his only child became the next King of Norway, His Majesty King Olav V.

King Haakon reigned from November 1905 until his death in September 1957 and was one of the few monarchs in history to be elected by his people. By the Norwegians today, he is most famous for being the very symbol of the Norwegian resistance during the German occupation that lasted from 1940 to 1945 during Second World War.

King Haakon and Queen Maud together with their only child, King Olav. Photo: NB via Wikimedia Commons.

Earlier this week, His Majesty King Harald and Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway were present at the Norwegian parliament on very special occasion. They received a birthday gift from the parliament on the occasion of their 80th birthdays which were in February and July of this year. The gift was a painting of King Olav.

The painting showed King Olav when His Majesty swore allegiance to the Norwegian people and the Norwegian constitution. This is a common practice in Norway when a King dies, and the Crown Prince becomes King. This also happened in 1991 with King Harald when King Olav died. The unique thing about King Olav’s oath is that it first took place in writing, as Parliament was not assembled for the session at the time of King Haakon’s death. Due to this and that Parliament’s main hall was being rebuilt.

The painting of King Olav. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen.

King Olav is best known for his good mood and was a King that everyone liked. His achievements for Norway during World War II and as an athlete will never be forgotten. When King Olav died in 1991, his son, the present King Harald, became the next monarch to rule Norway.

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