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Norway’s State Visit to Argentina – Day 1

King Harald and Queen Sonja have now completed the first day of their state visit to Argentina. The royals arrived in Argentina on Sunday afternoon and spent Monday resting before the state visit began today. The state visit lasts until Thursday.

The King and Queen were welcomed in a grand ceremony at the Argentinian Presidential Palace when they arrived. After the official arrival, the King and Queen had lunch with the President and his wife, Argentine’s First Lady at the Casa Rosada Museum. The formal talks were held in the president’s office, while the official photographs were taken in the White Room of the President Palace.

His Majesty King Harald of Norway together with the President of Argentina. Photo: Sven G. Gjeruldsen / The Royal Court / Det Kongelige Hoff.

King Harald also had talks with President and various Argentinian politicians and organisational leaders. The talks were followed up by the Norwegian delegation traveling with the Argentine government. The King and Queen were followed by Norway’s Foreign Minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide; Minister of Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen; and State Secretary Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. In the afternoon, the King and Queen visited the Argentine National Assembly and the Argentine Supreme Court.

King Harald laid down a wreath at the National Monument at Plaza San Martin in Buenos Aires, as well.

During the official welcome, His Majesty the King held a speech. In his speech to the Argentinian people, His Majesty said: “The ties between us go back a long way. The latter half of the nineteenth century, when Norwegians started to emigrate to Argentina, marked a turning point in our relations. Argentina was one of the countries that received most Norwegian immigrants at the start of the last century. The dream of Argentina was strong.

“Our visit has attracted a lot of interest in Norway. It opens up new opportunities for cooperation in several areas.” said the King.

You can see the King’s entire speech in the video above.

The Norwegian delegation under the King and Queen’s leadership speak with the Argentinian political leadership. Photo: Sven G. Gjeruldsen / The Royal Court / Det Kongelige Hoff.

The first day of the state visit was concluded with a classy dinner under the direction of “Innovation Norway”. Innovation Norway is a state-owned company and a national development bank. The goal of Innovation Norway is to promote nationwide industrial development with focus on both the business economy and Norway’s national economy. It also has the goal of releasing the potential of the different districts and regions in Norway by contributing to innovation, internationalisation and promotion.

In the following days, the King and Queen will also participate in a series of event to promote cultural and economic cooperation between Argentina and Norway.

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