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A guard for the Norwegian Royal Family fired shot inside palace

The Norwegian police had an accident at the Royal Palace in Oslo. A royal lifeguard fired a shot in the wall inside of the Royal Palace. This happened 30 April this year but was not revealed until it was published Sunday afternoon in the Norwegian media. One of the Norwegian Royal Family’s bodyguards was practising drawing his weapon when he, by accident, fired his gun.

“We can now confirm that a shot was fired in a room connected to the stables outside the Royal Palace on 30 April this year. The shot was reported in the usual way and investigated by the police,” said Ole Vidar Dahl, Head of Unit for National Assistance Resources in the Oslo Police District, in a text message to Norwegian state television NRK.

According to a report from the Police Directorate, which the Norwegian state television NRK has gained access to, it says that no one was injured, but the shot made a mark in the wall. The incident occurred at nine o’clock in the morning.

The Royal Palace in Oslo and the statue of Queen Maud. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen

“For us, it is important that the district has taken measures which are appropriate for an unwanted shooting, and that the Bureau has been notified,” says Jørn Scheldrup, Section Head of the Police Directorate to NRK. As a result, the Norwegian Royal Family’s bodyguard was taken out of service after the shot.

This is not the first time a Norwegian royal bodyguard has had an accident. Last year, a guard fired a shot at the school of Princess Ingrid Alexandra. The guard was immediately taken out of service, and he had to be re-tested to get back to work. He also had to be investigated by external psychologists.

The Royal Police Escort is the royal police in the Kingdom of Norway, and together with His Majesty the King’s Guard, they are responsible for the safeguarding of the King and members of the Royal Family. The Royal Police Escort serves as bodyguards on official and private activities in Norway and abroad. The Royal Police Escort was established on 11 May 1945, shortly before Crown Prince Olav’s return to Norway following the end of the five-year-long German occupation.

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