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Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg now has Twitter account

Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg, has created an official Twitter account to go along with her official Instagram account that she has had for several years. She made the announcement of her new account on her Instagram page.

The Princess said on Instagram, “After being pushed for years now from my colleagues, friends and followers I finally gave in. Here is my official Twitter account which is solely there to discuss my work on women empowerment, women’s rights, education, health and women security ✨🙌🏻 I am looking forward to debate with you.”

You can follow Her Royal Highness at @Tessy_de.

So far, Tessy has only tweeted four times with all tweets regarding her work with Professors Without Borders, UNAIDS, Vice and taking her sons to work with her.

She has almost 180 followers as of writing this article; Her Instagram has over 9,000. So, there is no doubt that her Twitter account will continue to grow.

When Princess Tessy spoke to Royal Central earlier this year, she explained her reasoning for having a public Instagram account saying, “I have a private account that has around 25 people.

“For my public account, I decided to keep it public, as this is the only way to reinforce my messages and encourage other young people to get involved. I noticed that by keeping it public, I receive hundreds of messages a week from young people who need encouragement, who are scared, confused or who just want to ask a question. I have found this medium of communication to be very accessible and educational.

She also spoke regarding her views of why utilising social media is so important in her position: “Loads of people approach me for guidance. If my public profile can accommodate this need and if my answers can help a young person to make an important decision for his or her life then that’s worth my time. Of course, some people criticise, and that’s ok. It is often their own insecurities or jealousies or quite frankly just because they are bored and like to talk about other people to distract themselves from their own issues. I have no problem with that as these side effects of social media are not mine and don’t affect my life at all. Quite frankly, often young people ask me about guidance due to cyberbullying and how they can possibly cope with their peers and peer pressure.

You can read part one of her interview here and part two here.

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