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Grand Ducal Court releases new photos of Princess Alexandra ahead of 28th birthday

The Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg has released four new photos of Princess Alexandra ahead of her 28th birthday tomorrow.

The images were taken by Lola Velasco; the location and timing of the pictures are not known.

Princess Alexandra is the fourth child and only daughter of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

© Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra Joséphine Teresa Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine, Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau and Bourbon-Parma, was born on 16 February 1991 in the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

The Princess has three older brothers, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Prince Félix, and Prince Louis. She also has one younger brother, Prince Sébastien.

Her compulsory education took place in Luxembourg before she studied abroad in the United States and Ireland for her post-secondary education.

Princess Alexandra speaks French, Luxembourgish, English, and her mother’s native Spanish. She also has a good grasp of German and Italian.

© Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco

She has worked in journalism while in the Middle East and gained valuable experience in international relations while interning at the United Nations Security Council in New York; at the time, Luxembourg was a non-permanent member.

She is the patron of the Lëtzebuerger Déiereschutzliga and the Lëtzebuerger Blannevereenegung Foundation.

Her Royal Highness is known to enjoy travelling and discovering new cultures and languages. A lover of sport, she practises tennis, alpine skiing and water skiing, among others.

© Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco

Princess Alexandra spends her free time working with refugees and attends events with the Grand Ducal Family when her schedule allows. Most notably, she accompanied her father to Japan for a state visit in November 2017.

You can read more about the Princess here.

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