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Grand Duchess of Luxembourg part of Make-A-Wish Day for a sick boy

A six-year-old little boy named Alexandre got to become a superhero, alongside his best friend Luca, and defend his country of Luxembourg from the Joker. The Luxembourg Make-A-Wish Foundation arranged for Alexandre and Luca to travel around Luxembourg City to battle the villain.

The local police began the day by calling Alexandre to ask him to help defeat the Joker. They told him that the Joker had kidnapped a fairy named Sylvie to help him rob the ING Bank. He got dressed as a “Make-A-Wish” superhero and was taken for a plane ride across the city, where he followed the clues given to him. He and Luca eventually tracked the Joker down and defeated him before he could rob the bank. They freed Sylvie and gave a brief press conference. Afterwards, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa awarded the pair certificates and congratulatory medals with their names engraved as a thank you for saving the city. The Grand Duchess then signed both Make-A-Wish certificates in front of the little superheroes. She looked thrilled to take part and happily posed for photographs with the boys and their families after awarding the medals.

The ING Bank posted a four-minute video to their Facebook page showing the meeting of Her Royal Highness, Alexandre, Luca, and their families. Alexandre had the Grand Duchess and the others assembled laughing with his comments.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation in Luxembourg was established in 2012 and like its American and British counterparts, grant wishes to seriously ill children.

The Grand Duchess is married to Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, with whom she has five children: Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Prince Félix, Prince Louis, Princess Alexandra, and Prince Sébastien. They have three grandchildren: Prince Gabriel, Prince Noah, and Princess Amalia. Their fourth grandchild is due this autumn. The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess will celebrate 16 years on the throne on 7 October of this year.

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