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The Danish Crown Prince Couple’s visit the Faroe Islands – Day 1

The Danish Crown Prince Family started their four-day visit to the Faro Islands yesterday. Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and their four children (Princes Christian and Vincent and Princesses Isabella and Josephine) will visit this part of the Danish kingdom from 23 to 26 August. The royals surprised everyone when they wore traditional Faroese folk costumes. The press was able to shout out some questions to the royals before they went on with the visit. Asking what he thought about his new outfit Prince Christian answered: “It is a nice costume. The good thing is that it keeps us warm”.

“It has been a warm reception we have received. It has been an exciting programme right from the start of our stay. It could not be better. And the rain stopped when we arrived so this could not have been better,” said a happy Crown Princess Mary.

Upon arrival, the Crown Prince Couple participated in an official reception at Bursatangi Harbour before visiting the rock club, Knørrur. The Crown Prince Couple then moved on to the government buildings on the Tinganes peninsula, where the Crown Prince was presented to the City Council. An official reception at the square Vagli in the city centre was then held in honour of the royals.

The rest of the day also had a tight schedule with a visit to the school at Argjahamri, a visit to Finsen College, lunch at Hotel Hafnia before a new college visit. During the afternoon, the royals visited the farmhouse Býlihúsið undir fjalli, before travelling to the Sea Workhouse and the Women’s House. The day was concluded with a banquet at the Nordic House.

This is the first time that the Crown Prince Family visits this part of the Danish kingdom. In the summer of 2014, the Crown Prince Family visited Greenland, where the royal yacht led the Crown Prince Couple and their four children to cities and settlements in South and West Greenland.

The royal yacht “Dannebrog” gives the Royal Family a unique opportunity to visit the people of all parts of Denmark. The royal yacht visited the Faroe Islands, no later than June 2016, when Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II visited Suduroy, Sandoy and Tórshavn. Also in 2010, the islands had a royal visit when the Queen and Prince Henrik took a five-day trip.

The Faroe Islands are a North Atlantic archipelago halfway between Norway and Iceland. The islands are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Between 1035 and 1814, the Faroes were part of the Hereditary Kingdom of Norway. In 1814, the Treaty of Kiel granted Denmark control over the islands, along with two other Norwegian island possessions: Greenland and Iceland. The Faroe Islands have been a self-governing country within the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948.

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