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Prince Richard’s funeral will take place next Tuesday

As the time passes, more details have been revealed about Prince Richard’s death. The Danish Royal Court confirmed Wednesday morning at Berleburg Castle that the funeral of the recently deceased Prince Richard will take place Tuesday next week at 2 pm. The funeral will not be held in the castle’s own chapel, but in the church ‘Evangelische Stadtkirche’ which is located in the town of Bad Berleburg, right next to the castle. According to Westfalen Post, it will be the priest Claudia Latzel-Binder that will conduct the ceremony.

Princess Benedikte is now in the process of planning the funeral for her husband, and all of the couple’s children are present at Berleburg Castle to assist their mother in planning. It has been known that the Prince was apparently in good health in the hours before his death. Only hours before his death, he was observed in the Castle Park to Berleburg Castle while he was out on his daily walk.

The eastern part of the city Berleburg. Photo: Teta via Wikimedia Commons.

The Danish magazine Billed Bladet‘s reporter met Alexander Johannsmann at the Palace Square in front of Berleburg Castle. Johannsmann is married to Princess Nathalie who is the daughter of Prince Richard and Princess Benedikte. He said that the atmosphere, of course, is sad at the castle now. There live about 20,000 people in the town Berleburg that surround the castle. “When the Prince died, this was something that affected all residents of the city. It was the first thing we talked about when we came to work on Tuesday morning,” said a person Billed Bladet has spoken to.

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte decided Tuesday to cancel all future official duties for Denmark. This also implies the Princess’s planned participation in the upcoming state visit from Belgium has been cancelled. Queen Margrethe’s husband, Prince Henrik, will not take part in the state visit either.

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