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Danish police launch an investigation following the death of Prince Henrik

Danish police have confirmed that they have launched a police investigation following Prince Henrik of Denmark’s death. The police in Copenhagen say that they are investigating a possible breach of confidence. This related to employees at Rigshospitalet who may have breached the duty of confidentiality in connection with the Prince’s admission to hospital on 9 February.

Royal journalist and commentator, Trine Villemann, said at the beginning of February that she had a non-named source at Rigshospitalet who had told her that Prince Henrik was not only seriously ill but was dying.

A police spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Trine Villemann has been with us and given her explanation. We made a police inquiry by phone. She is only a witness in the matter and will not be charged. It is correct that an investigation has started, but beyond this, we do not want to comment on the matter.”

Prince Henrik’s coffin (Photo DR1)

The alleged breach occurred only days before the Danish Prince died at the age of 83 due to a “seriously worsened” state of health.

Trine Villemann told Ekstra Bladet: “I was going to Radio24 the morning after the press release came out and said that it was true that the prince’s condition is seriously worsened.

I added then that a source at Rigshospitalet had told me that Prince Henrik was dying.”

“I probably would have said this, regardless of whether I ha a source. I am an old horse in this game and when the royal house published this press release, it is not because he’s got the flu”.

Villemann has stated in her Facebook-profile that “under no circumstances will I name my source”.

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