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First day of school for Danish royal twins

Last week, their first cousin, Princess Athena had her turn in the spotlight during a photo call at her home alongside her parents, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, ahead of her first day of school. Today, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine posed for the photographers outside of Frederik VIII’s Palace, Amalienborg ahead of their first day.

Crown Princess Mary confirmed to the media that the twins would be in separate classrooms at school. Crown Prince Frederik added, “They are each other’s best friends and can see each other in the quarters. But we thought they should have some new comrades.”

The twins at school. Photo: Crown Princess Mary

While Prince Vincent was more reserved, Princess Josephine was more outgoing and spoke to the assembled press. Josephine, talking about being in a separate class from her brother, said, “I’ll go to A and Vincent will go to B.”

Prince Vincent’s reaction to the cameras and starting school was not unlike his cousin Athena’s reaction. When the press had assembled at the home of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie for Athena’s first day of school, the five-year-old did not want to come out of the house. It took quite a bit of encouragement from her parents to get her to finally pose for the photographers.

Photo: HRH Princess Marie. © Kongehuset

They later released an image taken by Princess Marie of Athena with her father at her school. Athena is in Grade 0 at St Joseph’s Sisters School in Odrup. Her brother, Prince Henrik also attends the school.

Prince Vincent and Princess Athena, the six-year-old twins of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, will enter Tranegård School in Hellerup in Grade 0. Their older siblings, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella also attend the same school.

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were born at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen on 8 January 2011. Vincent was born 26 minutes before his sister Josephine. They have two older siblings: Prince Christian (b. 2005) and Princess Isabella (b. 2007).

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