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King Philippe of Belgium says USA and UK threaten course of history

His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium criticised last week both that the United Kingdom had withdrawn from the European Union and US president Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies. It was Tuesday last week that the King said this when he held a gathering of top government officials in Belgium.

King Philippe warned the top government officials and stated that he feared that Britain and the United States had embarked on dangerous paths that could “reverse the course of history.” In his speech, His Majesty said that last year was “marked by the decision of two great nations and friends to shift their focus inward.” It was evident that he was referring to the US presidential election and the UK referendum on leaving the European Union.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. Photo: Lisbeth Driessen (CC by 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons

“This new attitude seems to seek to reverse the course of history, and goes against their tradition of openness and generosity, and their participation in a common commitment and dream,” said the King before he called both nations “beacons of democracy and liberty.” It emerged that the King was apprehensive about the upcoming developments in Europe and the world’s political status. The King said, “Those who disguise the truth or create rifts in our society imperil democracy because it is based on fundamental values: truth, respect, and moderation.”

King Philippe expressed that he thought the European Union still has a future. The King believed one should build a stronger Europe. In the conclusion of his speech, the King urged European unity. He said, “Let us continue to create a Europe that allows our national identities to reinforce themselves through collaboration, instead of weakening each other in confrontations.” It is rare for Belgium’s King, or any other European monarch, to speak out so politically as King Philippe did last week.

  • lin

    we have no choice – we have to focus inwards as harm has been done to our beloved island in that it has been proven ‘europeans’ use and abuse us. No respect is shown/allowed for our long, long-standing rules & regulations (that WE as a nation) as voted for by our island. We have seen dictatorship – this is NOT what we voted for when joining the EU

    • Lady Martha

      Absolutely! Well said!

  • Ted Kitchens

    This from a man that has Muslim problems in his own country. He needs to worry about Belgium and their current problems with their Muslims not wanting to assimilate and hiding known terrorist. He must have forgotten that the terrorist that massacred those poor people in Paris were from Belgium. I think he better worry about his own backyard before criticising other countries.

  • ggm281

    FFS There hasn’t been any “truth, respect, moderation” in decades. That is EXACTLY why you are seeing these “revolts”. We’ve devolved in to a world of oligarchs and the gvt officials who aid them for their own personal benefit.

  • Dave

    All he is doing is kissing Germanys backside,
    Remember what they did twice last century.
    Forward and stronger with UK and US.
    Kick EU into touch,
    France, the Dutch and Spain will be next.
    Leave the rest of you to the fate of Angela merkel
    You have been warned

  • Steven H

    We’re correcting the course of history: not reversing it.

  • Nicholas Leach

    The King might have a word with his own politicians. They have been among the most vocal and viciously anti British. Particularly that prat who used to be the Belgium Prime Minister and is now an MEP. ( I can’t even remember the insignificant little prats name)

  • Nicholas Leach

    Total EU spending in Belgium: € 6.952 billion Total Belgian contribution to the EU budget: € 3.692 billion

  • bookworm

    So much politically correct claptrap being shoved down the collective British throats, & British traditions and festivals being renamed and re-engineered to appease other people. Folk are fed up to their back teeth with this, and there is no reason at all why British traditions and festivals and sovereignty should not be honoured and RESPECTED as well.

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