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Prince Charles shows that charity doesn’t always start at home…or even on the same continent


The Prince’s Trust is making a difference in Toronto, Canada with their latest programme, Sketch, which is helping young adults who are struggling to find their way.  In the building that housed Shaw St. School, young adults are getting an opportunity that few are lucky enough to experience – engaging with some of the CEOs of Toronto’s major corporations. These kids are not asking for or receiving charity but are merely receiving opportunities they would not have had under their normal circumstances.

The Prince’s Trust uses their considerable resources to support young adults, between the ages of 13-25, who often don’t believe in themselves. The Sketch initiative is no different. They aim to make connections with the CEOs and the kids to give them a helping hand when they are battling to find their way into the workplace. At the moment the kids are showing their arts, crafts and even music proudly but soon the program aims to include recording, sculpture and art studios and soon a space for graphic and web design. The meetings are arranged by The Prince’s Trust.

The CEOs are taking time out of their demanding schedules to share insight on the business world and teach these kids lessons that they learnt from their own experiences. The corporate executives take the day to interact with these youngsters and learn more about daily struggles for the youth coming into the workplace and the challenges that stand before them. They end the days with a brain storming session and give advice on what steps should be taken next. Most of the executives put these youngsters in contact with some business contacts of their own and endeavour to use their resources, their company’s resources and their own business contacts for improving not only the lives of these individuals but also that of Toronto’s youth. 

Sometimes it’s about more than signing a cheque and hoping for the best, sometimes the only thing lacking is expertise and advice and this is what the program aims to provide.

photo credit: Downing Street via photopin cc

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