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Today’s newspaper front pages

The moment we saw Prince George on the steps of St James’s Palace in only his second public appearance, we knew what the British front pages would feature. Some newspapers may be considered over the top where as some newspapers have not featured the christening at all. Here is my rundown of all the front pages.

TelegraphDaily Mail

These are the newspapers that some may consider over the top. However, from a monarchist point of view the event is captured perfectly. The world can finally see Prince George, 3 months on from when we last saw him. The Telegraph simply says ‘The Perfect Prince’ and the Mail uses the word ‘gorgeous’, which is a common word on most of today’s front pages.

The Times wrapThe Times

Here is today’s Times front page along with a unique, commemorative wrap that was included. The Times does what other newspapers do not, it uses a attractive wrap that can be seen as a souvenir for the occasion. Again, The Times uses the words ‘Gorgeous George’; my only criticism of this cover is the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge looks like she has a bad tattoo below her shoulder.

The SunThe Daily Star

Now to take a look at some of the tabloids. The Sun, which made such a clever front page when Prince George was born, has also gone down the ‘gorgeous’ route. Pages 4, 5, & 6 are dedicated to commemorating the Prince, with no doubt lots of photos. The Daily Star is rather disappointing, it is more twit than wit when it comes to puns. Ignoring the ‘killer spiders’ the story reads ‘Jordan wets the baby’s head’. For the confused among us, that is the River Jordan not the model. When it comes down to seriousness, maybe the Daily Star isn’t the best newspaper.

Daily MirrorMetro

The Daily Mirror also features Prince George being cradled out of St James’s Palace by his mother, again ‘gorgeous’ is the key word. The Daily Mirror dedicates pages 4, 5, 6 & 7 to the Christening. The Metro, Britain’s free newspaper, leads with ‘Prince George and the cream mother’ in reference to the Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit which was an Alexander McQueen dress and a milliner hat designed by Jane Taylor.

The ExpressThe Guardian

The Daily Express has a ‘historic edition’ with pictures starting on page 2. It also reminds its readers of when the Prince was born accompanied with ‘Meet Prince George your future King”. However, this historic edition hasbeen  somewhat spoiled by the headline below about the ‘worse storm for 26 years’, surely in years time when we look back at these historic front pages we do not want to see a storm that never happened? The Guardian only features the christening in the top left corner which reads ‘Meet the godparents’. Not the most exciting front page today but where as we like the Queen, the Guardian readers love Merkel.

the Independentimage

Before the newspaper front pages came into me, I made a prediction that every front page would feature Prince George except the Independent and the ‘i’. Of course I was correct as I know the newspaper’s habits like the back of my hand. Nothing much to say about these front pages except it certainly targets the republican market, it was the same when Prince George was born.

So overall, most of the British newspapers have covered the Christening to their advantage. From the historic wrap of The Times to the tabloid’s awful puns their is a paper for everybody.

Do remember to buy a paper to support reporting.

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