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The Duchess Of Cambridge Will Make A Great Queen… But Not Yet

Today was an all-round success for the Duchess of Cambridge. Despite being subjected to the delays of  her helicopter on her journey to Grimsby today, not only did she keep calm and carried on but she also performed a series of engagements in Grimsby without fault.

There is no doubt that the Duchess of Cambridge will make a fantastic Queen, but not yet. Also today, we were confronted on Twitter with a barrage of praise for the 31-year-old Duchess, which is quite right, but something else struck us in the midst of that. People had once again reignited the idea that the Duchess of Cambridge should be Britain’s next Queen.

Now, don’t get us wrong here, the Duchess is one of the best things ever to have happened to the Royal Family, but let us not forget it is still a Royal Family… a Royal Family in a Monarchy, a hereditary Monarchy. If we were to begin changing how members of the Royal Family succeed to the throne then the principle of Monarchy is lost and it becomes nothing more than a popularity contest.

We have covered these sorts of points in a previous article entitled, “Could Prince Charles be skipped and have Prince William as King?” where we discussed how booting Charles out of the way was the worst possible thing we could do for the Monarchy, despite the apparent advantages of popularity and their excellent public manner on the surface, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are certainly not ready to reign just yet.

Prince William needs a chance to enjoy life with the Duchess of Cambridge before the heavy burden of Kingship is placed on him. There is also a need for Prince William to receive the training of his father whilst he is on the throne. The role of Sovereign is something the Prince of Wales has been training for for over 61 years, of all the people in the land who should be King, Prince Charles is (though it may not seem it at first to some) the very best option for King.

There will be a day in the future when the throne does fall to Prince William and we’ve no doubt that TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will rise to the challenge of Sovereignty with the utmost dignity and understanding but that day will not be in the near future.

photo credit: Rukia13 via photopin cc

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