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Meghan and Kate: It’s not a popularity contest

It hasn’t yet been a full 24 hours since the news broke that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. People are already breaking into ‘Camp Kate’ and ‘Camp Meghan’. I like both and will never choose a favourite.

This was bound to happen. Are we to spend years now comparing Meghan to Kate and vice versa? Are people now going to become overly critical of Meghan? Saying she’s American; she’s of mixed race; she’s a former actress; she’s a divorcee. Or are we to dress down Kate for how different she might handle herself to Meghan? She’s quieter; she’s less spontaneous with laughter; on the surface, she appears less cordial and warm than Meghan.

If The Queen and monarchy have embraced Meghan’s warmth, confidence, humanitarianism and beautiful spirit, so too should her critics.

Granted, Meghan needs to prove herself as a Duchess and working member of the Firm, but that time will come. Hopefully, her nickname won’t be as horrible as Kate’s was in the beginning – ‘Duchess Dolittle.’

Both Kate and Meghan are magnificent and incredible in their own right. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be already married and marrying into one of the most notable families in the world. You can’t compare them because both Kate and Meghan are strong, confident women with their own personalities.

You can’t compare William and Kate’s engagement interview from 2010 to Harry’s and Meghan’s. Indeed, it’s unfair to do so. Kate isn’t the same woman she was then; both she and Meghan had experience with the media before their engagement announcements. Though to be fair, Meghan may have received more training than Kate because of her role on Suits. Kate though, was exposed to media scrutiny for years before she and William became engaged.

William and Kate are very protective of their privacy. They have released planned photos of their children, most taken by the Duchess of Cambridge. I see Harry and Meghan taking similar action when they do eventually start their family.

As for confidence: Kate might appear shyer than Meghan, but this doesn’t make her any less self-assured. Meghan herself has said how wonderful the Duchess has been to her.

And why wouldn’t Kate help Meghan? Kate knows what Meghan is going through. Both William and Harry are taking care that the women they love are introduced into the Royal Family and to the public so they are comfortable and at ease.

Both Princes incorporated their mother into the engagement rings; each woman showcased her sense of personal style for their interview. Most importantly, both the Cambridges and Harry and Meghan are happy. During their photo calls and interviews, both couples seemed at ease and natural with each other.

And, just as William and Kate are amazing parents, Harry and Meghan will undoubtedly make wonderful parents too.

Kate and Meghan are intelligent women who are open to learning and educating themselves. I’m confident they’ve become fast friends and will continue to be close throughout their lives. They compliment each other well and no doubt will learn from one another. Neither appears a jealous or spiteful sort but kind, empathetic, generous, and compassionate – traits that will serve them well in their public and private lives.

I’m looking forward to the next royal wedding and the future of the monarchy. With these two couples at its helm, the following years will most certainly give royal watchers and the world alike much to see.

  • N Wessels

    Thank you for the positive article. It would be lovely if they become supportive friends and allies.

  • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter

    I have my favorite, and that is Her Royal Highness Catherine the Dutchess of Cambridge and I am so so so happy that she gets to wear the
    ring which Princess Diana wore when she got engaged, full happiness on that! the rest can lalalalalalalala……

  • Lady Martha

    Well done, Kelli! I sincerely hope your wise observations will influence the public everywhere to respond to these two two delightful women, Catherine and Meghan, as you have described so articulately.

  • K

    i support both of them (Kate and Meghan) equally and wish them all the happiness in the world. Meghan will have a wonderful example of how to be a royal from an outsider’s perspective, given Kate was a commoner when she married Prince William. Both Kate and Meghan together, will be fashion icons, along side the late Princess Diana. I’m truly excited to see another royal baby on the way, after Will and Kate announced they are expecting Baby No. 3. Now with this new announcement of Harry and Meghan’s upcoming wedding, I am truly happy for everyone. Congratulations Harry and Meghan, much love to both of you and blessed happy wishes for a joyous and happy future together. To Will and Kate, I wish you nothing but love and happiness in your continued life together.

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