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5 ways the British Monarchy will be shaped

The monarchy always must look towards the future in order to stay alive. The must change with the times without losing the tradition on which they stand. Here are just five ways the British Monarchy will shape the future.


On 6th February 2022, The Queen would celebrate 70 years on the throne; she would be 95-years-old. As of this point, Her Majesty shows no signs of slowing down, and with only just over four years to go, this is looking highly likely.

Queen Elizabeth would be the first Monarch to celebrate this milestone. The Platinum Jubilee would likely be observed close to how her Diamond Jubilee was in 2012 but with younger royals taking on more of intensive work considering her age.

If he also lived that long, Prince Philip would be 100 years old, turning 101 in 2022.

Prince Charles would be 73, and Prince William would be 39.


A transition to a new Monarch will not be a simple one. From the moment Queen Elizabeth dies, Prince Charles will be His Majesty The King, even though his coronation won’t take place until after an appropriate period of mourning.


Everyday objects will have to change like post boxes being imprinted with C III R, not E II R, assuming Charles chooses his own name to reign with. New banknotes and coins will now be printed with his effigy. Names such as Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs would become His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs also.

The national anthem will also change from God Save The Queen [back] to God Save The King.


Prince Charles, undeniably a different person than his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Even as Charles takes on more duties, he must be careful to balance how he sees the monarchy bring shaped and how his mother wishes it to be now.

Prince Charles has already made it known that when he is King, the monarchy will be slimmed down. He sees it as a core of himself, the Duchess of Cornwall, his children, Prince William and Prince Harry and their families.

The monarchy must change with the times for it to survive. The public is becoming more aware of how their money is spent and to give the people a better value for their dollar, it means more duties with fewer people.


It is unlikely that we will have to wait much longer until a royal engagement is announced, but Prince Harry’s married life will be different from those past.

(c) Invictus Games Toronto 2017

As Harry is a long way off from the throne, he has to carve out a life of his own all while supporting his grandmother, father, and brother in their roles. In the recent years, it would seem Harry has found that in promoting veteran well-being. His future wife, predictably Meghan Markle, will also have to have her own passions.

Lucky for the palace, she already does. She has worked with World Vision Canada, is a United Nations ambassador, and worked with One Young World; there is no way she will walk away from her charity work. Friends close to the couple have even said that Harry wishes for Meghan to be able to continue her work while seamlessly entering ‘The Firm’.

Meghan also supports the troops! In 2014, she joined the USO tour. Just another thing Harry and Meghan have in common.


The ever world of technology is always changing. The top firms in the world can sometimes have a hard time keeping up so how is an institution over 1,000 years of tradition suppose to do it?

There has always been the balance of maintaining the secrecy (and therefore the magic) of what goes on behind closed doors, but with platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, people want to know what is happening and as soon as it happens. Even ten minutes too late and it could be old news!

The British Monarchy has joined the major social networks, but many complain that they are still behind other Royal Families, like Sweden, whose members have their own Facebook pages and often share personal photos.

It won’t be long until a new social media craze comes around, so the monarchy better adapt soon before they are struggling to catch up.



  • Lesleyc

    Always presuming that he is Charles III and doesn’t become George VII as has been whispered. I think you mean to say pound where you refer to dollar ….. unless other countries are chipping in to help finance the British Monarchy.

  • Karen119

    Another point, albeit a small one, is the fact that Prince Charles and his family’s working schedules are published too late to be included in Majesty magazine’s monthly Royal Calendar.

    • Sigi

      “Working” ?


    Interesting article but Jamie, PLEASE proof-read your work before publishing…. There are alot of grammatical and spelling errors – and why would the British public be concerned about the value received from the Royal family for their Dollar..?

    • Lesleyc

      Proof-reading here would be a bonus. I read it for the mistakes. I mentioned the dollar mistake on Sunday but still not corrected

  • Sigi

    It will all collapse as it should. The parasites need to get lost and queenie included.

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