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Dress from Queen’s younger years to be sold at auction


This picture demonstrates how tiny The Queen’s waist was in her younger years

A dress worn by Princess Elizabeth in 1949 is to be sold at auction on 25th September.

The dress was made by Norman Hartnell, who dressed Elizabeth while both Princess and Queen as Royal Clothier. It is made from silk and features a floral pattern in pink and white; the dress’s shape shows off Her Majesty’s renowned slim waist of her younger years, which the dress shows to measure just 24 inches.

dressAmerican auction house, Nate D Sanders, who specialises in autographs and celebrity memorabilia, is to sell the item for its owner in a few days. Ms Kathleen Ward has been in possession of the dress for than 65 years, and was a phone operator at Clarence House from the age of 18. Ward was featured in Woman’s Own in 1961 for an article called “How I got to Wear the Queen’s Gown”, featuring the item, which was actually a gift from Princess Elizabeth.

Bidding is to start at $25,000 (around £15,280) for the gown, and it is a rare piece (Royal clothing is usually discreetly donated) so the price could sky-rocket.


Photo: Nate D Sanders Auctions and jinterwas



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