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Will Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank be televised?

As we finally come back to reality following the recent wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle in May, we are now preparing for the next big royal wedding of the year – the marriage of Princess Eugenie of York to Jack Brooksbank.

The wedding, which will take place on 12th October, has many similarities to the union of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. There will be a carriage procession, members of the public have been invited, and not to mention that the venue is the same. But one question remains. Will millions of people around the world be able to join in the celebrations and watch the service on television?

Although no announcement has been yet been made, one royal expert said she would be surprised if the service wasn’t televised.

Royal expert and historian Marlene Koenig told Royal Central that there is a precedent for marriages of royal cousins to be broadcast on television.

Marlene said: “I will be surprised if the wedding is not televised. The Duke of Kent’s wedding in 1961 was televised, as was Princess Alexandra’s in 1963.”

However, those living outside of the UK might not be so lucky in watching live coverage of the service due to a perceived lack of international interest.

Marlene explained: “Prince Edward’s wedding in 1999 was not picked up by the US networks, but was shown on BBC America.

There have been no announcements that it will not be televised, but people were concerned that Harry’s wedding would not be televised because there was no immediate announcement.

“I kept saying that NBC was making plans to be in Windsor so they knew something so I was not worried about Harry’s wedding. The official announcement of a broadcast was not long before the actual wedding.”

Until an official announcement is made regarding media arrangments, it will remain unclear whether Eugenie and Jack’s wedding will be broadcast to millions of people around the globe. However, it is looking like a strong probability.