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Our favourite moments from the Royal Wedding

Royal Central contributors talk us through their favourite moment from the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Charlie Proctor, Editor-in-Chief

It is incredibly hard to choose one moment from the day as my favourite, but if I am put on the spot, I have to say the Duchess of York was the highlight for me.

Sarah waving (ITV Screenshot)

I have always been a fan of Fergie, and nothing gives me more delight than seeing her back on the royal scene, albeit briefly.

Unlike many of the other guests, Sarah wasn’t afraid to be herself. She walked up to meet members of the crowd, waved to pretty much every person she met eye-contact with, and had a good time!

That was always the problem with Sarah, she was too emotive to be a member of The Royal Family, and that is a shame.

Seeing her back on the scene was a rare treat. An even rarer sight was witnessing the Duchess and the Duke of Edinburgh together in the same room!

Jamie Samhan, Deputy Editor

My favourite moment came not during the ceremony, but after when the bridal party was leaving.

While on the steps of St George’s Chapel Sarah, Duchess of York almost made it through the wedding without any glitches until one of the bridesmaids asked her a cheeky question.

Six-year-old Theodora Williams asked Sarah: “Are you The Queen”?

Sarah replied: “No, I’m not The Queen”.

Theodora then asked: “You’re a Princess?”

Sarah replied: “Yes” before quickly hurrying away.

After being an outcast from the Royal Family for so long, Sarah must have laughed to herself about the obscurity of the moment. Even if she technically isn’t a princess, being a part of the family is all she has wanted.

A close second favourite moment would be Princess Eugenie showing off her scoliosis scar. For any young child who has scars or a disformity they may feel self-conscious about, they can now look up to a princess who bears the same and see they aren’t so different after all.

Brittani Barger, Europe Editor

The wedding was beautiful and had so many wonderful moments. It is hard to pick just one!

Embed from Getty Images

My favourite part of the wedding was seeing Jack put on his glasses so he could clearly see Princess Eugenie walk down the aisle and then telling her that she looked perfect when she reached him. I thought it was such a sweet moment. As he shed a few tears, I think many of our own eyes welled up. His love for her was obvious. It melted my heart.

A close second for me was after the afternoon reception when Jack and Eugenie were heading off for their evening reception in the James Bond film Spectre‘s silver Aston Martin DB10. The Duke of York’s Twitter account shared a short video of the couple leaving, and I got a good laugh at watching Beatrice, Eugenie and Jack all work to try to make Eugenie’s dress fit in the car! Seeing Prince Andrew stand close by chuckling at the sight and the Duchess of York smiling proudly (and no doubt giggling on the inside) on the steps, reminded us that, while this was a royal wedding, at the end of the day they are just a normal family celebrating two people who fell in love.