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Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles sends messages of condolences to Bangladesh and India following Cyclone Amphan

Photo: Charlie Proctor / Royal Central

The Prince of Wales has written to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and the Prime Minister of India to express his condolences following the devastating Cyclone Amphan.

Over 100 people are known to have been killed by the cyclone, with millions more suffering from severe hardship, many of them now homeless.

In his letter to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, the Prince wrote: “My wife and I wanted you to know how deeply saddened we are by the loss of life and appalling devastation you and all the people of West Bengal and Odisha have suffered as a result of Storm Amphan.

“We feel so much for you and your people that you have had to endure such a disaster at the same time as having to contend with the Covid-19 pandemic. Our hearts go out to all those who have been bereaved and to those whose homes have been destroyed.

“However inadequate it may be at such a very difficult time, we did just want to assure you that all those affected are in our thoughts and special prayers.”

In a letter to Indian leader Narendra Modi, Prince Charles said: “My wife and I wanted you to know how deeply we feel for the people of Bangladesh following the loss of life and utter devastation caused by cyclonic Storm Amphan.

“Our hearts go out to all those who have been so cruelly bereaved or injured, or whose homes have been swept away. We understand how dreadfully difficult this must have been as your people prepared to celebrate what should have been a joyful Eid.

“Our greatest possible sympathy and our special prayers are with the people of Bangladesh at such a desperately anxious time, as you battle against the effects of both the Covid-19 pandemic and this appallingly severe storm.”