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Prince Charles reveals his foundation’s work to make medical gowns

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Prince Charles has announced that his foundation, The Prince’s Foundation will partner to make garments for National Health Service (NHS) workers.

In a video posted to Twitter, Clarence House showed volunteers in Ayrshire making the garments. It’s part of the For The Love of Scrubs programme, which is a national effort to bring together whole sewing communities and manufacturers to create sets of scrub for medical workers in need.

Initially, the initiative aimed to make 100 sets of scrubs. The Trust made a WhatsApp page for the effort to help spread the word of the project, and instruction kits were then sent to anyone that showed interest in helping to make scrubs.

The Big Community Sew, backed by Public Health England, is also joining in on the project by uniting sewers across the United Kingdom to create face masks that help meet the strict safety standards required by the NHS.

Jacqueline Farrell, education director for The Prince’s Foundation at its Dumfries House headquarters in Ayrshire, said:

“It is a privilege to be able to utilise the community spirit and skills within The Prince’s Foundation to help the NHS in partnership with For The Love of Scrubs and The Big Community Sew at this vital time.

“We are delighted to be able to use our sewing expertise to make scrubs for NHS workers in Ayrshire and Arran in partnership with the Ayrshire branch of For The Love of Scrubs.”

Farrell went on to add that while social distancing is in place, it’s not slowing down volunteer efforts.

“In addition to making scrubs themselves, staff from out textiles training programmes will be on hand to offer expert help and advice to our volunteers online or over the phone. The project has been a real team effort.”

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