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Man who fell ill in Salisbury previously pranked Prince Charles

It has been revealed that a man who once hoaxed Prince Charles is the person who fell ill at a restaurant in Salisbury on Sunday night prompting a major incident.

42-year-old Alex King was admitted to hospital after becoming unwell in a Prezzo restaurant with his Russian wife, Anna Shapiro.

According to BBC News, police are investigating the possibility that the incident could have been a hoax, with a source saying: “we can’t rule anything out.”

In 2006, Mr King hoaxed the Prince of Wales at a film premiere in London.

The prankster managed to sneak into an official line-up of celebrities being greeted by Prince Charles at the premiere.

He said that the prank was part of a £100,000 bet with his employer.

There is no suggestion that the incident in Salisbury was a hoax, however, it is likely to be a line of police enquiry.

The events occurred on Sunday evening when both Mr King and his wife fell ill at the restaurant.

They were taken to hospital and a major incident was declared due to the recent Novichok poisonings in the area.

Wiltshire Police said that the couple were not exposed to any nerve agent. They have since been discharged from hospital.