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The Sussexes

‘The Duke of Sussex’ pub celebrates Royal Wedding in a unique way

London pub, The Duke of Sussex, is commemorating the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in an unusual way.

The landlords have decked out their swing sign on the outside of their building with a picture of the newlyweds and their namesake.

The pub based in Waterloo, South London, revealed their stylish swing sign on Friday. The artwork has been painted by artist Paul Karslake.

Landlords Rupert and Joanna Cleverly have said they wanted to have “a bit of fun” to celebrate the Royal Wedding and that it “represents a very inclusive society”.

They said: “It is a nod at having a bit of fun in support of them and celebrating their relationship and the wedding. We thought it would cause a lot of amusement, and that is what it has done.”

The redesign of the swing sign has proven very popular so far. Mr Cleverly said: “It has been taken very positively by all of our customers and friends. For the foreseeable future, that will be the sign.”

However, if the sign turns people away, Mr Cleverly is willing to bring it inside and hang it as a memento of the big day.

He said: “If people don’t like it then we will take it down and hang it in the pub, it’s a bit of fun. It’s just something we wanted to do to celebrate their marriage and the wedding – that was our token to it.”

The Duke of Sussex pub isn’t the only establishment commemorating the Royal Wedding. A pub near Windsor Castle renamed itself The Prince Harry and sold a special local wedding ale to celebrate the big day.

The Prince Harry pub is previously known as The Three Tuns and Landlady Kelly Carpenter said the change of name had been planned for a while. However, it was a rush to get it ready for 19th May.