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The Sussexes

Prince Harry was the most travelled royal in 2016, clocking up 61,800 airmiles

Prince Harry travelled approximately 61,800 miles in 2016 whilst undertaking official overseas engagements, according to analysis conducted by the Press Association.

The Prince, who undertook a two-week tour of the Caribbean this year, finished the year travelling 400 more miles than his uncle, the Earl of Wessex, who was the second most travelled royal.

Countries where Prince Harry visited in 2016, include many islands in the Caribbean, as well as Nepal, and Florida for his Invictus Games.

He has also visited Canada on a number of occasions to see his girlfriend, Meghan Markle. However, this is not included in the figures as it was not a public engagement.

The Duke of York came in third place, travelling 58,200 miles, with his sister, Princess Anne travelling 56,600.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh conducted no overseas engagements in 2016 and spent the year working entirely in the UK.

After visiting Canada, India and Bahrain, The Duke of Cambridge clocked up 43,700 air miles, with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, travelling 23,600. In 2016, the Duke undertook a solo visit to countries such as Vietnam, whereas the Duchess undertook her first solo overseas visit to the Netherlands.

The Prince of Wales travelled a total of 18,700 airmiles in 2016, with the Duchess of Cornwall clocking up 10,100.

Despite these numbers being released today, they do not present an accurate reflection of who has ‘worked the hardest’ or who has undertaken the most engagements.

It is widely expected that the Prince of Wales will be declared the hardest working royal at the end of the year, with the highest number of engagements being conducted.

Additionally, airmiles do not take into account members of the Royal Family such as The Queen or Duke of Edinburgh who have stopped long haul travel.

Royal Central will bring you the accurate number of engagements undertaken in 2016 at the end of the year.


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