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Prince Harry in ‘Full Effect’ for youth group visit in Nottingham

The Full Effect Youth Project is in for another visit from Prince Harry. On February 3rd Harry will visit the youth project for the third time, previously visiting in 2013 and 2014.

The Full Effect Youth Project, located in St. Ann’s, Nottingham, works to improve chances for young people and reduce violence through the support of The Royal Foundation. This is achieved through early intervention of primary and secondary aged children at schools in St. Ann’s, and building a wider support network through different opportunities, such as internships in Nottingham or London.

Based on three elements, Full Effect operates with partner agencies. EPIC Partners is a charity started by teachers of local schools in St Ann’s and Sneinton that encourages partnership programmes with schools and the community to enrich the lives of the students and their families. The Community Recording Studio helps youth develop skills through music in their renowned studios. Lastly is their partner with Latimer Group, a film and media company who help provide training and work experience with at risk youth. Young people are also given the chance to create films about their experiences, such as the film Prince Harry will view upon his visit.

Through the training of Full Effect Youth Project the students have produced Guillemot, a bittersweet tale of young romance torn apart by peer pressure, subject to homelessness and poverty.

Prince Harry will be on hand for the launch of Guillemot, as well as to present certificates to the youth involved in the film project. These students have completed the Young Leaders Film course and achieved AIM Level Two qualifications in Employability Skills and Media.

With the work of Full Effect, they hope that students benefiting from the programme will return in the future to mentor future young people involved in the programme. Full Effect is creating alternatives to gang culture and violence, and gives chances for work experience they would not otherwise come across.

For more information or to watch the Guillemot trailer please visit

Featured photo credit: landrovermena via photopin cc

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