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The Sussexes

Prince Harry delights crowds in Sydney and visits British soldier as Australian secondment ends

Prince Harry delighted and charmed crowds in the Australian city of Sydney this week as part of his military secondment to the country.

Prince Harry bids farewell to Sydney. Phot courtesy of Caroline @bluebuzzbird

Prince Harry bids farewell to Sydney. Photo courtesy of Caroline @bluebuzzbird

In Sydney, the Prince, who is now fifth-in-line to the throne, made one royal fan extremely, happy by finally leaning in for a kiss with her. That same 21-year old woman had previously asked him to marry her three times.

On the final day of his month-long secondment with the Australian military before traveling on to neighbouring New Zealand, Prince Harry visited the Sydney Opera House. There he found himself in conversation with Victoria McRae, a 21-year-old university student carrying a sign saying “Marry me, last chance, Harry”.

Victoria McRae, the student who kissed Prince Harry. Photo courtesy of Caroline @bluebuzzbird.

Victoria McRae, the student who kissed Prince Harry. Photo courtesy of Caroline @bluebuzzbird.

The university student previously attempted to propose to the Prince two years ago during his visit for an international fleet review. She got his attention by paddling her kayak into the middle of Sydney harbour to wave a flag that declared “I (heart) you Harry” alongside her phone number. She was subsequently removed by the city’s water police.

This time she managed to greet the Prince in a manner that did not require police intervention.

Ms McRae said, “He let me kiss him on the cheek, but then I went in for it. The rest was history. It was everything – I’m very happy. I reminded him it was the third proposal.”

Whilst talking to the crowds, Prince Harry was also asked about his new niece Princess Charlotte who he described as “great”.

Before leaving Sydney and preparing for his visit to New Zealand, Harry had one more stop scheduled.

Harry visited Macquarie University Clinic and met a British soldier who lost both his legs while on duty in the Middle East.

Former British paratrooper Eddie Cudd gave Harry a stubby holder from the Parachute Regimental Association of NSW, of which he is president.

Prince Harry commented: “Everyone needs a stubby cooler.” He also told Mr Cudd: ‘next time you’re over in the UK, call into the palace and have a drink!'”

Captain Wales was met by leading orthopaedic surgeon Dr Munjed Al Muderis. Dr Ali has performed the surgery to allow Lieutenant Ali Spearing to get back on his feet following the explosion in Afghanistan.

Lt Spearing has travelled from the UK to the clinic to be fitted with prosthetics in the innovative scheme that could see him jogging rather than struggling to walk

Photo Credits: Caroline @bluebuzzbird