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Motherhood and chicken tacos – the Duchess of Sussex on interviewing Michelle Obama

By Joyce N. Boghosian, White House photographer, Public Domain, Wiki Commons

As the guest editor of the September edition of British Vogue admits, she knew she had to close strong. The Duchess of Sussex has been sharing some of the details of how she’s been putting together the magazine she’s curated and that includes her determination to get Michelle Obama involved.

In a piece all about her chat with the former US First Lady that’s just gone live on the Vogue website, Meghan says she soon concluded that only one person could give her edition of the publication the final flourish she wanted. And so ‘over a casual lunch of chicken tacos’ she asked Michelle Obama for an interview for the magazine. The result includes a detailed discussion on the importance of female education, advice on motherhood and why raising sons and daughters shouldn’t be that different.

The Duchess of Sussex speaks to Mrs Obama for the Q&A page that concludes every edition of British Vogue. The interview itself ended up being conducted by email and covers some of the issues important to both women.

Michelle Obama speaks passionately about ensuring that all young women around the world get access to the learning and training that they need. She talks about the Girls Opportunity Alliance, which she set up as part of the Obama Foundation, and which works globally to connect grass roots education providers so that they can share knowledge and experience and help more young women access support and fulfil their potential.

Motherhood also plays a big part in this big interview. The Duchess of Sussex asks Michelle Obama about raising sons and daughters and the former First Lady talks about how, for her, the same advice is relevant to both boys and girls, adding that ” my parents, particularly my father, taught my brother and me at an early age to treat boys and girls exactly the same.

And she has words of advice for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they enjoy their first few months of family life following the arrival of their son, Archie, in May 2019. Michelle Obama tells Meghan and Harry to ‘savour it all”.

The full interview is available to read in British Vogue. The edition edited by the Duchess of Sussex will be available to buy and to download digitally from August 2nd 2019.

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