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The Sussexes

Michelle Obama and The Duchess of Sussex have private chat

On Monday this week, former US First Lady Michelle Obama held a speech at the Royal Albert Hall. Michelle was in London to promote her new autobiography which is called Becoming.

In the audience listening to the sell-out speech was the Duchess of Sussex who had slipped in quietly with just a few security staff to listen to Michelle’s words without drawing attention to herself.

Photo: Royal Central

After the talk, Meghan was taken backstage to meet privately with Michelle where the pair had a private chat together for fifteen minutes. As powerful women in the public eye, with high-profile partners, the American women could easily relate to each other, and as the older and more experienced of the two, Michelle was on hand to give some advice to the new Duchess of Sussex.

Michelle continued on with advice she had previously given to Meghan in Good Housekeeping magazine in regards to how to cope with such a demanding public role. The mother of two also imparted some words of wisdom to the pregnant Duchess about raising children. The pair continued to chat about their charitable endeavours with a focus on educational programmes for women in less economically developed countries. The women also discussed other upcoming charity work to be carried out by Meghan as a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador which she will carry out with her husband the Duke of Sussex. Michelle Obama encouraged Meghan to try not to hurry in to doing everything at once and to take her time.

Prince Harry joined former First Lady Michelle Obama in Chicago in October 2017. Photo: @KensingtonRoyal/Twitter

Michelle and Barack Obama have worked with Prince Harry in the past and get on well with him, sharing many values and working together for charity appeals. It seems that this relationship will continue to grow, as Meghan and Michelle formed an instant bond with each other and looked at ease in each other’s company.

Michelle Obama’s book Becoming is available now and is a Sunday Times bestseller.