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The Sussexes

British media frenzy as Prince Harry takes legal action

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The decision by the Duke of Sussex to take legal action against two tabloids over phone hacking allegations has made the front pages of many British papers this Saturday. Harry’s move is the main story for several broadsheets as the weekend gets under way.

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Friday evening that the Duke of Sussex is taking legal action against the owners of The Sun and the Mirror as well as the News of the World which went out of circulation in 2011. The action relates to the alleged hacking of voicemail messages in the past although exactly when hasn’t yet been made clear.

The Daily Telegraph leads with the headline ”Harry steps up press war with phone hack claim”, explaining at the top of its story that the Duke of Sussex has filed papers with the High Court over the alleged interception of voicemail messages. The front page of the ‘I Weekend’ reads ”Prince escalates war on tabloids’ while The Guardian’s top story is ”Prince Harry declares war on tabloids over hacking claims”.

They all make reference in their front page stories to the statement from Harry earlier in the week in which he attacked the tabloid press for its treatment of the Duchess of Sussex. It came in the wake of the decision made by the duchess to take legal action against the Mail on Sunday for publishing parts of a letter that she sent to her father, Thomas Markle. The Mail on Sunday said it would defend that case vigourously, adding that it stands by the story that it published.

Unsurprisingly, none of Saturday’s tabloids put the latest royal lawsuit on their front pages. Earlier, a spokesperson for Newspaper Group News which owns the Sun and the News of the World confirmed that a claim had been issued by the Duke of Sussex. The owners of the Mirror,

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