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Snap Poll reveals Brits would pay £7,000 to stay at Frogmore Cottage for a week

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With Prince Harry and Meghan announcing that they will step back as senior royals, a lot of questions are being asked. The couple announced that they would work to become financially independent and, that they would split their time between the U.K. and North America.

While the couple had a pricey renovation at Frogmore Cottage prior to the birth of their son Archie, many are wondering if the Sussexes will or can keep the residence.

In a Snap Poll, it was revealed that Britons would be willing to pay £7,000 a week to stay at Harry and Meghan’s cottage, on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The poll was conducted by a home interiors specialist following the Sussexes most recent news.

For those able to afford it, Britons believe that instead of leaving Frogmore Cottage empty, Harry and Meghan should rent it out as a holiday let. Or, open it as a tourist attraction and possibly, hire it out as part of a movie set.

More than 500 people are said to have taken part in the poll. When asked what they think the Duke and Duchess should do with Frogmore Cottage, these answers came out on top:

  1. Rent it out as a holiday let – 56%
  2. Open it up as a tourist attraction – 43%
  3. Hire it out as part of a movie set – 37%
  4. Knock it down and turn it into an animal sanctuary – 7%
  5. Turn it into an amusement park – 5%

When asked how much they would be willing to pay to stay in Frogmore Cottage if it was available to book, Britons feel that on average £1,000 a night would be a fair amount, equaling £7,000 for a full week’s stay.

With multiple thoughts and ideas being thrown around, this is what Britons think the couple could earn should one of these options become a reality:

  1. Open it up as a tourist attraction – £50 per person, per visit
  2. Hire it out as part of a movie set – £800,00 per room per day or, £3 million for the whole of Frogmore Cottage per day
  3. Knock it down and turn it into an animal sanctuary – £30 per visit, £50 per adoption of an animal
  4. Turn it into an amusement park – £40 per person or, £100 for a family pass

Lucy Askew, a spokesperson for, said:

“It is a big change for anyone in the Royal Family to take this kind of step, but it is great to hear that they want to be financially independent and step away from traditional rules. Who knows, they might take some of these tips on board and possibly consider them for the future if they ever want to make a bit more extra cash. Some of these are definitely great money-making schemes!:

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