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The Queen begins Remembrance commemorations on a visit to Kent


This time of year, the Royal Family takes the time to reflect on sacrifices made by members of the Armed Forces and veterans. While the family takes part in a number of events, The Queen started off this year’s commemorations with a visit to Kent.

The Queen visited the Royal British Legion Industries in Kent in part of the charity’s centenary year. The charity supports Armed Forces personnel and veterans as well as their families who have been unemployed for an extended period of time.

Upon her visit, Her Majesty opened the new Appleton Lodge care facility and visited the Centenary Village housing project.

Appleton Lodge was named after a World War I frontline nurse, Edith Appleton. At the centre, residents benefit from recreational and educational activities creating quality care for residents as well as local people in the area.


During her visit, The Queen met with the village’s oldest resident, 99-year-old John Riggs. Riggs is a World War II veteran, and this wasn’t his first royal affair. Riggs talked with Her Majesty about when he met her son, the Prince of Wales at Clarence House.

After visiting Appleton, it was time to visit the Centenary Village. The first completed part of the development includes specially-adapted apartments for former military personnel who are wounded. There is no word yet on when the second phase of the village will be completed.

To finish the day, The Queen buried a time capsule at the village to commemorate her visit. That capsule is set to be opened in 100 years by future residents.

A message was buried with the capsule, the message reading:

“I wish to congratulate Royal British Legion Industries on their centenary and their support of veterans over the past 100 years. Today is a moment of celebration, but also a time of reflection on the sacrifices the Armed forces make in times of need. I send my warmest best wishes to RBLI and all who support them.” – Elizabeth R.

The Queen also met with staff from the on-site social enterprise, Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company. The company aims to help create employment opportunities for veterans. Some of those opportunities include working in crafts such as road-sign making.

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