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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Leaves Hospital Early After Recovering From Gastroenteritis

Her Majesty The Queen has left King Edward VII hospital a day earlier than anticipated today after receiving treatment for gastroenteritis. At her first hospital stay for 10 years, Her Majesty was said to be in good spirits and left looking extremely well after leaving the hospital.

Her Majesty wore a red dress as she exited the hospital today, thanking and greeting staff at the hospital. The Queen’s state Bentley arrived at around 3pm to take Her Majesty back to Buckingham Palace where she will remain now for the rest of the week as usual until Friday afternoon when she travels to Windsor Castle for the weekend.

Tomorrow, Her Majesty was scheduled to attend a reception of MPs, which she still won’t be attending, though other members of the Royal Family will in her place.

Initially, it was anticipated that The Queen would remain in hospital for two days [until tomorrow] receiving treatment but it seems Her Majesty has recovered quickly from the ailment, a sure testament to The Queen’s good health!

The Queen’s trip to Rome, which was scheduled for the 6th & 7th March will still be cancelled, (possibly postponed).

Her Majesty will spend the remainder of the week resting according to royal sources.

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