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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II’s final money portrait to grace commemorative coin

The Royal Mint has unveiled a new £2 coin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the coin.

The new coin has the same bi-metallic colouring as the first version released in 1997. Following a decision to introduce the coin into circulation in 1994, artist Bruce Rushin won a competition to design it.

Rushin said it was an “astonishing feeling” to have his design appear on the first-ever £2 UK coin. Now, 25 years later, he said it is an honour to have his design featured once again on the coin.

“Visiting the Royal Mint to see the coins being struck has been fascinating. Being able to see the level of skill and craftsmanship that goes into making a collectable coin these days was very special. When compared to how the £2 coin was first produced, it shows just how much the technology has developed and was a real eye-opener for me.”

The design of the coin is inspired by technological advancements. Rushin’s original design feature four concentric circles, representing industrial and technological progress from the Iron Age to the internet. The 2022 version features the fifth coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the opposite side. This marks the first time The Royal Mint has used the Jody Clark portrait on a £2 coin. The anniversary coin also features an Iron Age privy mark at the bottom of The Queen’s image.

The Royal Mint has announced a commitment to releasing coins dated to 2022 bearing Her Late Majesty’s portrait in order to ensure a sustainable transition to coinage featuring the new King.

People will have a variety to pick from if they are looking to purchase the two-coloured £2 coin. The range includes a £12 uncirculated version to a £1,125 gold version.

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