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Queen Elizabeth II

Plans For Events Marking 60th Anniversary Of Queen’s Coronation Announced

Buckingham Palace has announced a short series of events that will mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 60th anniversary of her coronation, back on 2nd June 1953. It will be nothing like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, in terms of magnitude and number of engagements and plans do not extend much further than a simple service.

The Buckingham Palace press announcement says that the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty’s coronation will be marked with a church service at Westminster Abbey.

The announcement explains, “The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, and other Members of the Royal Family will attend a Service to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation Service on Tuesday 4 June at 11am.”

The Queen’s coronation happened on 2nd June 1952, around 18 months after Her Majesty acceded to the throne [on 6th February 1952],  the service will take place on Tuesday 4th, two days after the 60th anniversary of coronation.

Westminster Abbey will also be hosting several events to commemorate The Queen’s 60th anniversary of coronation within the church.

The Queen’s coronation really was the event of a lifetime. Dignitaries, Monarchs and officials from all over the world came together to celebrate the most ancient ceremony, the crowning of a Monarch. With much of the ceremony remaining unchanged for hundreds of years, and the fundamental parts of the ceremony (and some of the items used in coronation) going back almost a millennium, a coronation truly is the most unique of Royal events.

Westminster Abbey was closed for five months before the 1953 Coronation for extensive work to transform the Church for the ceremony – new stands were built, an enclosed entrance constructed for the new Queen and magnificent decorations placed all over London.

The decision to televise the 1953 Coronation made it possible for the general public to witness the ceremony in its entirety for the first time. It is possible that few watching realised just how far back into history the roots of the magnificent ceremony stretched, and how many of its essentials had been retained.

As well as this Church service, this year’s summer opening of Buckingham Palace will be based around the theme of the coronation, with many artefacts from the coronation being present on the special exhibition. Read about that further by clicking here.

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