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The Queen

If Winnipeg advances in the NHL Playoffs, we could see a familiar Queen Elizabeth portrait

If you’re a hockey fan, you’re probably eager to see who advances into the second round of Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you’re a royalist, you’re going to hope it’s the Winnipeg Jets.

A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II once hung in Winnipeg Arena, the home of the Jets. Now stored in a warehouse, portrait owner Ron D’Errico is looking to share it with the team. Gifted by his friend Jamie Boychuk, the portrait was put into storage after the old Winnipeg arena was demolished.

The Queen in 2018. Can she bring the Jets luck?

“He gifted the Queen to myself knowing I have no intention of ever selling it.  I will never sell it, it’s not mine to sell.  I legally own it, but I feel morally obligated to protect it for the citizens of Manitoba, the people of Winnipeg, the Jets die-hard fans.”

While not giving a reason as to why the portrait was gifted to D’Errico in the first place, D’Errico is just looking to hang Her Majesty in Jets territory once again.

“I really believe it belongs with the Winnipeg Jets organisation and I would love to gift it to them, if they would be willing to receive it.”

With the portrait only being brought out for certain occasions, D’Errico is confident it will be the good luck charm that the Jets need to bring the Stanley Cup home this year.

“I’m going to do everything I can to always bring it out when Winnipeg needs it most.  For Whiteout parties, and anything to promote the Winnipeg Jets.  Just to help give them a nudge and extra support for citizens of Winnipeg.”

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While the portrait is currently not displayed in the arena, fans are remembering when it hung in the old arena for nearly 20 years.  The five-metre by seven-metre portrait has inspired Jets fans to dress up as Her Majesty.  All in good fun, it’s a tribute to the old Jets era.

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